Sunday, August 2, 2009


Life’s not fair, people don’t care
And are scared to help themselves
It just ain’t right, how everything’s a fight
And I might give up on love
Too much heartache and pain, things just don’t change
But it’s strange they don’t stay the same
What will happen next, is it all just a test
Am I hexed to be old and alone
No matter what life will throw
It continues to grow and’ll go
On and on and on
When day is done and night falls
Your back’s against the walls
Do you hear the auctioneer as he calls
Going going gone
Am I way too late, to reclaim my fate
And escape the phony and loneliness
U shouldn’t have to ask, is it ok to laugh
At the fact we all are fallible
Don’t think twice, be concerned with the price
There is no prize or a second chance at life
You’ve got to stay strong, and hold on
I don’t know how long it’ll take before we wake


When it’s said and done, no one really won
Was it fun and worth all the hurt
As you close those eyes, and meet your demise
Here’s why it's not wise to fight the light
Your in a better place, in God’s amazing grace
And loved ones await behind the pearly gates
Together again, may the journey never end
My friend please believe in peace

Peace and 1


Knowledge Wisdom & Revelations

Fallibility is a part of being human, you make an ass out of u and me when u start assuming, truly living is learning to fumble and stumble, struggling and roughing it's a good way to stay humble, drowning your sorrows in alcohol's not the answer, smoking may reduce stress but blesses u with cancer, it is pretty easy to acquire new knowledge, by simply applying to go back to college, don't confuse that though with wisdom, which isn’t knowing the definition of antidisestablishmentarianism, it's more like money can't buy happiness, there's an extremely fine line between brilliance and wackiness, beauty is not skin deep, if u don’t sow u cant reap, in glass houses stones shouldn’t be thrown, if u can’t afford children use protection when u bone, or better yet practice abstinence, since shit always surprisingly happens, condoms aren’t 100% reliable, nor is the historic accuracy of the bible, most facts get lost in translation, playing telephone emphasizes that revelation, kids today are bombarded with the pressures of success, watch illogical nonsense from TV and movies in excess, that show and flaunt the end results, but neglect to portray the nuts and bolts, all the time hard work and dedication it took, like expecting a chef to make a dish without the ingredients to cook, things just don’t magically appear, or miraculously come out of thin air, then comes the question philosophers beg, what came first the chicken or the egg, but on top of that, what I find whack, is it takes two for sexual reproduction, leaving us all incestually related and got me curmudgeon, and if in fact so, Eve must a been a hoe, another topic of mind blowing proportions, is language and the different dialect distortions, to think that at one point in time, there were just grunting cavemen that mime, now almost every country has their own, from within formal versions Ebonics have grown, dictionaries have trouble keeping up with new words, since some are crazy and just outright absurd, but then again my friends, so is life the journey and how it all begins and ends. -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


International Anthem

Boredom and loneliness eats away at your pride, you lack self worth and you stay quiet and hide, if people keep putting u down long enough, to not believe what they say is extremely tough, the least deserving usually have all the luck, they're rarely held accountable and never get fucked, some cops are more corrupt than the evil they're chasing, some parents are druggies neglecting the kids that they're raising, and the children get blamed and get caught in the prison system, their future is over before they even know what hits them, it’s the battle who's responsible the teacher or the student, if u preach them lies how can u expect them to be prudent, if their fundamentals and foundation are corrupted and wrong, the damage to the brain's as devastating as rips from a bong, it's hard to be persecuted and made to feel insecure, there's someone out there for everyone so what r u worrying for, you just got to have faith and be patient, love will always be present it's story is ancient, from the beginning of time, before words u could only express feelings thru mime, kisses are an instant message I love u, wrestling nestling cuddling and snuggling are too, when you’re mad your eyes get expressive and funky, like being shocked surprised or smell something skunky, if you’re sad or get hurt u often shed a tear, they open real wide when consumed by fear, as u get scared and stressed out your hair turns gray, accenting certain syllables can change the meaning of what u say, it's all intonation, always say what’s on your mind and stick to your gut's inclination, all letters have a purpose significance and use, depending how they're put together can inflict pain and abuse, it’s worse when you’re battered and mistreated at home, no family or positive reinforcement makes u feel completely alone, imagine a world where u were always greeted with applause, magic exists and there's a real Santa Clause, anything your heart needs wants or desires, like eradicating immoral wickedly sinners and malevolent liars, the world would be close to utopia and way more peaceful, guns and ammunitions wouldn’t need to be made more lethal, fighting and wars would become obsolete, globalization of natural resources would hopefully be complete, maybe then we could all just get along, and unite in harmony to all sing one international anthem theme song! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Original Sin

Humans are like chameleons, especially when it comes to true feelings, constantly trying to camouflage and change, rearrange our brains, do what the pope claims, no switching lanes, or experimenting, beliefs need cementing, consistent insisting, all others are dismissed and, you’re programmed to stay wary, it’s too scary, fear me, watch out for a fairy, a girl can’t be a priest or hairy, she should be virginal like Mary, and have an immaculate conception, to protect this religious deception, take the portal to normal, I’m trying to stay respectful and cordial, but that idea is straight up ridiculous, you’re preaching your kids to be hypocrites, let’s keep bible studies, a place to mingle with buddies, where children learn good manners, keep out paparazzi and cameras, teach the gospels, all Jesus’ obstacles, express his message blessings and good deeds, have faith in what nobody sees, like the air everyone breathes, say please, and thank you, parents are human and have angst too, they don’t know it all, and sometimes they make mistakes and fall, they were young once too, it’s true, you’re a combination of what u do and say, make sure u pray, don’t judge or expect, try to protect from neglect, live by the ten commandments, follow thru with consequences and reprimandings, don’t build people up just to tear them down, be tolerant whether gay male Muslim or brown, don’t burn bridges, or be too strict and rigid, allow room to grow, show how to dream and hope, it’s ok to have differentiating opinions, to God there is always redemption forgiveness and new beginnings, life isn’t a race, it's not about the pace, and it doesn’t matter if u lose or win, nobody’s perfect and we all are born with original sin. -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Bridge The Gap

I think it’s time for rap, to bridge the gap, from obnoxious to conscious, electro shock this, zero ... and turn him into rap’s hero, who rhymes so spiritual, a linguist that’s lyrical, a hysterical miracle, a dapper rapper way more empirical, actual and practical, with spectacular, vernacular, expresses language more crafty, shows he has word mastery, there just has to be, somebody to take the lead, not blinded by wealth or greed, who doesn’t feel the need, to please these musical thieves, displeased at these hypocrisies democracy decrees, don’t initiate, the hate, that breeds, revolutionary mentalities, idly leaving them bleeding conceding retreating and abandoning casualties, when actually, their nastily, crafting hip hop's notorious inglorious killing spree ... hastily, basically distastefully, ungratefully and hatefully, taint a G, ruin his image, portray him a gimmick, cause u lack the knowledge of a college level limerick, I’m sorry u claim fame, by selling out your name, u have no talent or originality, you’re palpably a fallacy, so callous with malice, too money hungry to pick Jesus' chalice, u cowardly scour, oh how u prowl power, reeking foul like bowels, just a brainless drone that follows, your heart’s cold and hollow, unbelievably mad shallow, a little noncommittal with brittle bone marrow, your mind’s narrow, undivine, unkind, defined a swine, at the table of deceit is where u dine, while I’m headed towards the exit sign, I gots to get out of here, there’s lots of sodemy and fear, don’t bother to holla the evil lair, unless u can conjure a care bear stare, ain’t no fantasy here, I’m talking reality son, kicking the crap out of your battle rappin’ ass for fun, with murderous verses, that disperses the curses, the merciless jerks, that lurk in the dirt, with absolutely no self-worth since birth, no honor or dignity, nor a prophetic ability, u impact so minimally, your conflict is just inwardly, leaving u bitterly jittery, far from a visionary, unlegendary, can’t hold a melody, ain’t no misdemeanor a felony, speak with the beat, if u can’t take a seat, let’s keep the rap game sheik, the future looks bleak, when what u say is weak, gangsters are definitely not meek, in fact they’re always anxious to compete, just admit your defeat, and let music be run by the sweet elite! - Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Fairytale Obama Nation

It's pretty clear cut and evident, a change is going to come with our newly elected president, we are now an Obama nation, but let's contradict the definition of the word abomination, let the world unite by creating more ties, make peace among our enemies and become allies, let's stop inflicting our beliefs on other countries, bankrupting ourselves while Iraq avoids spending their excess oil monies, let's become more energy independent, hold those financial CEOs responsible for being negligent, let’s get back to promoting family values, choosing work over family has become a have to, what happened to the middle class and the American dream, eradicating them rips this country apart at the seam, let’s hope he fulfills his promise to help unite for change, instead of dividing ourselves further to accentuate the estranged, we need to build and produce more to increase our exporting, no more feeding consumers cheap shit and continuing their extorting, everyone needs to plan better and save more when aspiring for retirement, so working ridiculous hours ‘til you’re dead and buried doesn’t become a requirement, what a role model Barack is for young black people everywhere, now no matter what color or race being an American president is a dream we all share, next we need a woman leader or one that is gay, to show politics are more about policy and effectiveness than the image they portray, I wonder if after Bush is out of the presidency, if Barack will charge him with crimes against humanity without any hesitancy, will Obama be able to withdraw troops without looking like a push over, antagonizing nuclear capable countries to play missile red rover, it’s a scary world we live in today, way more materialistic people then religious ones who pray, it's about the all mighty euro yen and dollar, politicians and corporations hold the key to unlock our collar, how much change can happen in just four short years, B.O. being assassinated is one of my biggest unimaginable fears, will he have both the Clintons be a part of his presidential cabinet, intelligent and knowledgeable people are attracted to him like a magnet, if u surround yourself with able and competent people, our efforts to revitalize this country will surely not be feeble, if we all unite to fight from the poor to the regal, good will always triumph over evil, what a positive message electing a black man president is sending, it's like a fairy tail dream coming true kind of an ending! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Incredibly Intellectually Insightful & Delectably Delightful

Who knew, u, would come thru, teach to, never camouflage, change who u truly r, go so far, to starve my heart, u don’t come by, act all shy and try to hide you’re truly wise, which is a nice surprise, self-effacing smile with a good vibe, better then anyone can try to describe, it’s refreshing to meet and greet a benevolent gentleman, since to boys today that definition is evanescent, chivalry critically is like history, there’s no consistency, over time it fades, with every flip of a page, it’s tough stuff to maintain an A grade, usually, u beautifully, start off strong, the best is comfortableness but that doesn’t last long, still u fought, and taught, that I, shouldn’t lie, ignore a flaw, a whore, a bore, but no more, for sure, although ya know I see the allure, sitting all blissfully, willy nilly, silent and quiet, undefiant, not non compliant, u bet, I said it, used a double negative, that emphasizes how imperative, to stay speculative, suspicious, yet inconspicuous, with mystic cryptic, and it's intrinsic, a bit ridiculous, how unimaginary his, vocabulary is, very incredibly, deep and intellectually, insightful, delectably delightful, and can somewhat stifle, the mind, talent takes time, I’ve had lots of practice, at this, mastering spoken word poetry shit, it's nerve racking, look at all the people it's attracting, to be and see where the magic's happening, please refrain from clapping, busting out laughing, and concentrate, don’t hate, just listen, to the interesting gesturing of my opinion, try and be copasetic, to the electric rhetoric, that will shock u, like Pac used to do, keep it real, make u feel, what he's saying, his line so divine you’d think he was praying, expresses messages from day to day and, will give u a thrill, a chill, and make your hairs stand up still straight, but you’re not afraid, of the rain, there’s no pain, you’re not vane, idolizing and trying to claim fame, u don’t emulate nor complain, u feel evilly not equally treated the same, that that grass is always greener, u somehow refrain from getting greedier, u r a good person, I’m just urging, u must respect yourself first, so another can love ya and see the inner beauty that lurks, thru all the quirks, changes and growth spurts, I know it hurts, but sometimes I find u have to let love go though, and hope, if it is meant to happen, it’ll come back into fashion, then u can begin again, the best relationships start out as friends, by disabling the labeling you’re enabling gazing outside the perpetual one dimensional lens, that’s using your peripheral vision, u were given and can, expand a fan’s demand and command a ban on man’s plan of killing the living, it's important to broaden horizons and alliances, make sure there's a return policy on all major modern day appliances, since they aren’t built or meant to last, it’s all about more fast cash, having the craft, to sell trash, and dash, so u wont be held accountable, u r intolerable, incorrigible, far from humble, but consistent in swindling, your next unsuspecting victim, but it’s ok cause it's your reputation and name you’re relinquishing, diminishing and finishing! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Wuuu Saa!

Life can suck, when you’re stuck in a rut, when u feel crappy, anything happy seems sappy, it’s hard to find the joy in things, or stability that love brings, when you’re down in the dumps, anger and sadness trumps, your thinking becomes more pessimistic, which can inflict proneness to getting sick, nobody likes to be ill, especially when it exacerbates an already outrageous medical bill, many people are going without health insurance, avoiding dentist appointments is a common occurrence, eating healthy, has become a luxury for the wealthy, there's no time to exercise, depression is on the rise, then you’ve got money trouble, which inflates the bubble, being laid off makes it pop, no credit forces spending to stop, unemployment with huge amounts of debt, takes away the safety net, and when u walk that tight rope, or slide down a slippery slope, all u can concentrate on is fear, cause we are people not cats with 8 lives to spare, we're all being run ragged and thin, some r resorting to violence and even committing a sin, if u keep replacing a good night sleep with naps, anytime now u will collapse, remember to take care of yourself, don’t be too embarrassed to ask for help, if change comes with keeping an open mind, explore options outside the box to see what u may find, your head can sometimes be a trap, so wake it up with a slap, get a jump start, follow whatever comes from the heart, get fit, and get with it, be more optimistic, repeat "wuuu saa" to keep from going ballistic, reduce stress, and clean up ... you’re a mess, you’re no good when you’re an emotional wreck, and a chopping block is no place for your neck, take a break, your life and well being are at stake, for god sake, shake and bake, its time to awake, and realize u should think about the decisions u make! - Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Lack of Comradery

Honestly, all this lack of comradery, bothers me, its all about rivalry, and bribery, take a collective sigh with me, we may have our differences, but have similar instances, of pain and suffering, its hard recovering, with no one hovering, love smothering, someone to caution, watching, and warn about self scorching, torturing, someone to console, not just trying to control, pigeonhole, looks at the picture as a whole, has a soul, will smoke a bowl, and get all philosophical, talks about peace, and how this war needs to cease, our presence in the middle east needs to decrease, instead of a constant troop increase, let us unite, eradicate spite and plight, and this world just might, see another century of night, always followed by light, a change is in sight, join in arms, replant the destroyed farms, less import, make and build things for export, no more extort, be a good sport, share the limited resources, especially when wrecked by supernatural forces, there’s been sporadic and erratic disasters, no time for laughters, please pray for relief from these catastrophes, stop the blasphemy, there has to be, a solution to pollution, commodity prostitution, a world without borders in order, and making the 70 hour work week shorter, reintroduce yourself to family roots, take off the suites and work boots, quit the bitching, and trying to be self sufficient, enriching uranium that makes nuclear weapons, think about what kind of message that sends, u get by with a little help from your friends, since this life's struggle never ends, unless u push the button, stop your fronting, don’t take away my right to choose, with weapons of mass destruction we all loose, I know u think being martyred rules, but u cant have a legacy when everyone’s dead including u fools! - Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and


Egomaniacal Man vs. Mind

I periodically get in this weird self loathing of a mood, and have this cut off from the world sort of attitude, I hate chit-chatting and laughing with even good friends on the phone, I’d rather crawl in a ball and get away from it all to be alone, veg and pig out on the couch, no energy or backbone so I just sit here and slouch, wishing I didn’t see anybody around me like my eyes were gouged, or that I was able to run and hide away in my kangaroo mother's pouch, I find any stupid reason or excuse, to just be a hermit loner or recluse, I easily get lost in a movie or television, with no interaction simply watching and listening, but even that can get boring after a while, besides that's not really my style, I’ve always been considered more of a people person, and yet I continually resort back to this alternate reality version, a shadow of my former self, too self-absorbed to ask for help, in other words egocentric or egomaniacal, which as a friend makes me completely unreliable, since any relationship is give or take and constant compromise, struggling through the lows and celebrating the highs, why can’t I stop this from happening, this perpetual battling and grappling, maybe it's a self preserving tool, to get thru the man vs. mind war that's abusive and cruel, we even go so far as to think we know how other people will judge us, and definitely underestimate brothers and the power of what love does, it's an undercover way to internalize our self hate, believe me I know and can relate, it’s like when I came out as being gay, I felt frayed frail forgotten fucking fading away, fearing our friends and family will automatically show rejection, when you’re about to drop a bomb in the air there’s this weird awkward tension, and u find out all that overanalyzing and fussing, was really all just for nothing, because they already knew and u feel like a fool, a tool, and after all that needless stressing they unconditionally still love you! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky's Not So Hunky-Dory Story

I'm struggling to keep faith that there's good within people, most I come across act all evil and deceitful, portraying mayor shaking hands and kissing babies, you’re either with them or against them no undecided or maybes, they can't understand man that I’m constantly changing, I’m just not like them lying and faking, pretending we're best friends all buddy buddy, you look stupid and rude not to mention trashy and slutty, I’m rather offended you think I’m that naive or dumb, when I’m done with ya hun look who'll be playing the fool son, oh and wait right there cause I’m not actually quite yet done, and there is just one more thing for shits giggles and fun, please allow me to leave and give u a sec, to go fuck yourself I deserve way more respect, better yet ill bend over so you can kiss my ass, no I don't like you so why do u even bother to ask, you and your attitude are repulsive you compulsively disgust me, you’re lonely cause you’re phony with your pick-up lines old and rusty, I may be a wee bit picky and fussy, but I deserve real love not a two-bit hussy, your lack of courtesy really hurts me, one minute u hate me the next I’m worthy and you’re flirty, now I’m hot and bothered all riled fired up and cussing, overwhelmed by desire pent up sex aggression tension and lusting, I can't always be Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky, this holiday season I’m completely miserable and grumpy, I've never proclaimed that I was entirely perfect, I can apologize repeatedly but without forgiveness it's not worth it, I’m human and pursuing all facets and ranges of emotion, and when I hurt someone unintentionally I try to rectify it with atonement, it’s in my nature to be empathetic act remorseful and contrite, giving people the benefit of the doubt just always seemed right, it's weird how one bad seed can ruin things for us all, it's disturbing and unnerving that they would have that much gall, it's one thing to hurt yourself and mess up your own life, but it's another when your awful decisions start effecting your wife, or anyone else for that matter u batterer, making an already horrible situation even sadder, I don’t think things between us will ever again be hunky-dory, I’m sorry but there's no happily-ever-after at the end of this story! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Black Hole

Live to work or work to live, the government takes and takes but never gives, the amount u pay in taxes, placing u accordingly in brackets, categorizing labeling and enslaving us, things go wrong and they're still blaming us, we elected u, gave u the power to protect us thru and thru, and yet u look out for u only, raise your wages while middle class America’s being fed baloney, I have no governmental trust, when I hear the word president all I want to do is cuss, I’m really pissed off at the US today, torching the path our four fathers laid, gone are freedom and equality, pursuing happiness is now a liability, work two jobs just to stay alive, barely scraping by with wages that use to help us thrive, inflation is high, employments awry, people say immigrations the reason why, don’t even get me started on the 9/11 and Iraq invasion tie, one had absolutely nothing to do with the other, wanted control over oil so he used the event as a cover, yes it's great that Saddam is out of power, but how should Bush be judged in his final hour, we impeached Clinton for lying about a blowjob, this administration's negligence needs to stop, we've discriminated women Jews blacks and gays, martyring Muslims who we're discriminating today, so much hate in the world, these poor little boys and innocent girls, left with the burden of our mistakes, unable to do what it takes, to make this place, a safe haven for any religion or race, we r the self proclaimed melting pot, supposedly the wealthiest country and extremely smart, yet the problems we create are great, and any resolution winds up just to exacerbate, what we were trying to alleviate, or we sit back neglect argue and debate, while things just get worse and worse, maybe this life and world are just cursed, things are snowballing out of control, I’m not psychic but I predict we will turn Earth into a giant black hole! -Joe Conscience Vacca

Peace and 1


Folklore Tragedy

The country's snowballing and falling, instead of hauling we're crawling, unemployment is mauling, foreclosed homeowners are balling and calling, for government to step in and bless them with help, but we need to figure out how now to save our self, acquire some wealth, to go start spending, and depressing this recession, banks need to plant the seed by lending, and mending the message they're sending, ending ultimately depending, on a bailout to save them, from 6 feet deep in the grave and, filing for bankruptcy, but it angers me, cause we the people don't get second chances, we're judged on first glances, Garth and Wayne claim we're not worthy, and financially banks proclaim us untrustworthy, which gets me pissed, how ridiculous it is, strange and almost deranged, they don't have to change, there's no condition, to start a mission, fixing and twisting their vision, by acknowledging they've made mistakes, for God sakes, whip into shape, shake and bake, to spice up the stakes, which creates, a new plan of business, so people get the gist, and won’t have to ask what is this, your trying to jump start the economy, but to throw dough at the problem's bothering and alarming me, cause down the line, things wont be fine, inflation will be sky high, and analysts will still be wondering why, did we pick the right guy, to trust lead us and guide, who strives to keep our pride alive, cause when we believe, that although we bleed, just breathe, there will eventually be reprieve, and we succeed, but first need to grieve, so our heart can heal the hole whole, we can console the soul, and although the cold takes a toll, with the punches we'll just roll, persevere ‘til we're in the clear, and don't dare fear, or care to end up standing there, scared and bare, broke and more poor, then ever before, it's hard to ignore, the bleak unique mystique of what may be in store, I know no one's keeping score, but I am quite sure, the big bank bail outs has to be the biggest tragedy everlastingly told in folklore! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


A 50/50 Split

I’m sorry I’m acting like a grumpy grandpa, continue to act that way and move down to Tampa, I don’t care if you’re just hungry, if your impersonation's supposed to be funny, I’m really tired of being so overly empathetic, two letters shy of the line to pathetic, no more of your intrusive excuses, get use to the abuse equal to what you’ve induced and it produces, as the homemaker I’m relinquishing my position, since u never insist just dismiss taking an interest in what I envision, or listen to what I have to say about the decision, as long as the important half of we achieve fruition, u and your anti-division addiction, you’re the bread winner that holds the knife to make an incision, just do what you’re told, know your role, stand there silent, undefiant, I’m not supposed to show I’m affected, the supportive partner routine's expected to be projected, stand by their side, emphasize how can I oblige, did u have a good day at work dear, your dinner is waiting for u right here, can I get u your coffee or an alcoholic beverage, but u got to stop holding I don’t get paid for my job as leverage, u stay home and take care of the kids' wishes, mop the floors on all fours and don’t forget to wash all the dishes, ill put on the pants in the family and u put on the skirt, see if u have the skill to instill what u will with nil and flirt, show some skin butt boobs or leg, make them all drool by keeping your cool as they beg, plead for your number, cause they heard and want to see what u can do with a cucumber, plus they want u on their arm, to wear the daisy dukes when back home on the farm, to show off to company triumphantly as eye candy, and prove to who knows who you’re doing way better than fine and dandy, did I mention all the attention you’ll be getting, no skill's necessary for the trophy wife status you’re vetting, your one duty, is to concentrate on your beauty, keep smiling, no drama or crying, stick to those simple tasks, do anything else your master provider asks, pretend there was no such thing as the women’s movement, and that you’re not interested in forming a union, that might strike and fight for equal rights, pay and benefit increases or hikes, perpetuating this never ending competition of who makes more money, I mean it seems we're a team each other's steam and ideal dream so let's just split the cream 50/50 honey! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Brains Over Brawn

Each and every day that passes by, I ponder while I wander wondering why, am I here for a purpose, or just utterly worthless, pushed and looked over always underappreciated, like a car off the lot from birth I’ve depreciated, u devalue as u age, the truth is as u get older u need to be brave, u can't be saved from the grave, being betrayed or enslaved, by the notion we're defined by our occupation, a victim of a class system inflicting segregation, it's all who u know, and whether you can show you’ve got or come from dough, the wealthy are ubber superficial, big boobs u fools those goobers are artificial, their personality's predominantly pretentious, their attitude's rude and prude from not being adventurous, they've got all the money in the world, but when mixed with real people they're spoiled and curdled, disgustingly coagulated, easily agitated and aggravated, when what's demanded's not handed on a silver platter, being lazy and catered to's why American’s have gotten fatter, there's no more hard work or manual labor, do yourself the favor physical fitness is a life savor, get down and a little dirty, cause hands-on activities helps make u worthy, habitat for humanities provides a sense of accomplishment, to actually finish what u started's an astonishment, you can create huge opportunities, providing service to surrounding communities, start an outreach program, give to a charity that's not a scam, we should be more sympathetic and understand, almost all people have had failed plans, we need to learn how to better share, and stop putting a bad stigma on welfare, adults have got to endorse more maturity, for future generation's sake fix social security, there won't be anything left after the baby boomers, who were flower children and promiscuous shroomers, we need to somehow electroshock our society, get away from this I can fix shit with bribery, an unjustified sense of entitlement mentality, deserving it all for nothing fallacy, how will things ever come to change, when we're at the point in evolution where brawn's just a pawn and always gets trumped by brains. -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Long Long Way To Happy

I just don’t trust anymore, you played me and turned me into your whore, you said and promised a 50/50, thinking your lie was original and nifty, I don’t want my heart to heal, and I really don’t want to ever again feel, I’d wind up right back where I started, the bulls eye these players targeted, I’m so naive and stupidly foolish, the gay dating game's harder since I’m new to this, I find lately I’m consumed by loneliness, and I attribute and blame the ridiculous amount of phoniness, I think extreme boredom will be my demise, and being without friends to stop me from committing suicide, why is it that life has to be so hard, happiness as rare as a joker or wild card, I’m losing my ambition to keep a smile, just want to cuddle and be held for a little while, I really miss my old friends from home, despite they weren’t always around I never felt this alone, they say that home is where the heart is, I think it's a kind of Santa Clause white lie parents tell kids, there's no place I feel loved safe and secure, totally comfortable being who I am or characteristically pure, I’ve lost myself somewhere along the way, right around the time I discovered I was gay, I don’t know who I am at all, as I slip into a deep depression with a downward spiraling fall, I feel so helpless and repulsed by my own skin, idolizing the happy looking models all sexy and thin, I must be a bad person or unbelievably ugly, cause I can rarely find a gay guy to love and hug me, lately at night I’ve been crying myself to sleep, when I watch a romantic comedy I breakdown and uncontrollably weep, I think I might need professional or psychiatric help, since I no longer have any idea how to console myself, I have no one to talk to, I’m like an invisible shadow people walk thru, I know my face can easily express that I’m hurting, so why cant I stop being shy and convey interest thru flirting, get some gaydar so the straight guys wont laugh at me, like Pink said it's going to be a long long way to happy! - Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1



I never really fit in, and I’m still waiting for love to begin, now that I’m out, is that an easier route, no friends with benefits instead, I’m still sleeping alone in bed, grumpy, no company, or someone to comfort me, what's wrong with me, what don’t people see, am I ugly, not so cuddly, a strait up asshole, with a heart that’s cold, want to spend all my time alone, I consider myself a people person, I need a sidekick on any excursion, I’m not afraid of the dark bugs sharks or that someone will dismember me, my biggest fear is no one will remember me, I try to stay righteous, but it’s hard when evil tempts and fights us, good is bound by upholding their own moral code, while the bad guys kill in their all out warfare mode, the honorable believe in redemption, everybody's rehabilitatable without exemption, God loves all without exception, if u do wrong repent, fast during lent, show Him you’re sorry and apologize, if you’d open your small eyes u might realize, that to be wise, live life never thinking about your demise, how people are crying, dying, our government’s spying, defying, antagonizing, the greater good, neglecting the hood, not doing what they know they should, to make things better, clothe the cold with a sweater, feed the hungry, and I’m not talking about spoonfuls of dung B, never measure a person's worth, perform an abortion before birth, people like to pretend their God, like they were playing house or doctor portraying a false facade, u chose to have protectionless sex, now live with your decision's consequence, we're all just human, what the fuck are u doing, it's blatant and palpable, everybody's fallible, we all make mistakes, u should do what it takes, to help this world be a better place, chip in, dip in, shun sin, place all guns in the recycling bin, I wont put down my weapon, cops master manipulation and deception, we pay taxes so they protect us, shooting a not guilty unarmed man's the epitome of grotesqueness, what do we do when all is fucked up, becoming a slave and they say suck it up, catastrophic chaos is running wild, there's no control our authorities and their glory's mild, terrorism's amuck, the poor are stuck, star struck, the wealthy don’t give a fuck, the middle class is all out of luck, being squeezed at every direction, told so many lies has messed up our perception, if the democrats cant get it together before the next election, it would seem Lucifer is up for resurrection, will the virtuous persevere, or are they too scared to even show they care, hiding in fear, one person can’t make a difference, but things can change in an instant, all u need is a spark, a little light to help u see thru the dark, to find that X that marks the spot, your pot of gold, is waiting at the end of the rainbow, within u lies the ultimate buried treasure, realize the prize is achieving true happiness and pleasure. -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Baldy Bean

I may be short and I may be bald, but believe u me I still stand tall, hold my head high and proud, live the gay lifestyle right out loud, I try not to get embarrassed, but sometimes I get looks like I’m walking around bare ass, I hold other people's opinions with great regard, but I won’t let their judgments change or persuade me like a retard, I believe in individuality, everybody's different it's just reality, I may lack hair, but I just don’t care, I’ve been called names like baldy bean, and even bald faggot which is just straight up mean, people made fun of me for so long, that being bald has made my character strong, it accentuates my other features, hazel brown eyes and a smile that beats yours, when I wear my glasses I make looking studious sexy, I’ll get more numbers than u want to bet G, I don’t think I’m better than u, I’m just a go getter and bit over confident too, but I don’t want to seem arrogant or cocky, control my big mouth to stop the bigger guy from clocking me, I’m like a small dog where my bark’s worse than my bite, I’d rather make peace than stand up and fight, and that's not to say that I can’t, I’d just rather walk away from an altercation and be the bigger man, if I had to I’m agile and scrappy, I may be bald but I ain’t no slow grand pappy, people become assuming and insinuating, they believe bald men are intimidating, I still say I’m a lover not a fighter, get rid of anger with exercise or be a poetry writer, if u jot down what’s making you upset, u put it out your mind to help u forget, if that doesn’t work rub your belly and bald head, it may be silly but try jumping on 1 leg, it should get u laughing and calmed down, that way you’re tolerable and people want u around, misery may love company, but chilling with angry drunks ain’t fun for anybody, drink to loosen up and have a little fun, have a smoke or 2 when your workday is done, learn to lighten up don’t take shit so serious, gay and bald jokes can be fucking hilarious, to deal with life u need a sense of humor, that’s the shape of my head like Arnold said "it's not a tumor", I think being bald is great, I didn’t choose to be it's just fate, one disadvantage of being bald I’ve learned, is to be extremely cautious about getting sunburned, other than that I don’t see the flaw, once they rub my head they come back for more, I feel now that being bald is cool, shave your head and rock my style fool! -Joe Conscience Vacca

Peace and 1


A Robot

I forgot I’m a robot, give it all you’ve got, they don’t want your opinion, just be a slave to their dominion, I thought red heads would go extinct, instead endangered are those who think, it seems life is a catch 22, though you’re good at what u do, they refuse to promote u, rather tell u you’re thru, then give u a raise, quick to bash and blame very little praise, at first they say u need education, then experience becomes a required regulation, no one gives u a shot, you’re a replaceable insignificant speck or dot, perfection eventually becomes expected, boss's demand respect but I’m usually the one disrespected, constantly unacknowledged, like I’m dumb and never graduated college, damned if I don’t damned if I do, no matter what there's just no pleasing you, I’m wrong and you’re always right, I’m the one who consistently instigates the fight, get to work and function on auto pilot, no griping or complaining when they pig pile it, money’s tight so do his job too, here’s a tissue for when u cry boo whoo, a person's valued at how much their worth, a girl will confirm it’s not size but girth, in New England u r what u do, 6 degrees of separation so u knew who, no more hard work and dedication, workers let go without explanation, at will employment, firing people to increase troop deployment, employers refuse to pay health benefits, and all politicians are masked masquerading hypocrites, too busy paying bills to have a life, no breaks to spend time with your kids and wife, love and family are antiquated notions, rampant global warming u should invest in suntan lotions, gas and commodity prices soaring thru the roof, it’s like where living in a hell on earth reality TV spoof, where other people's suffering is a form of entertainment, quick to laugh until it’s time for their own arraignment, the guilty love to play the blame game, same old illustrated story dressed up in a fancy frame, a body without a soul, a copycat whose identity u stole, you’ve created a better model and now I’m out of date, I didn’t know I was filled with so much jealousy and hate, I’ve gotten so numb I’m like a mindless drone, lacking emotion talking all monotone, I’ve forgotten how to dream, avoided the limelight always played to help the team, I thought being unselfish and humble would be sexy, but the egotistical slut's popularity perplexes me, it’s all about appearances, not showing you’re bothered by interferences, when problems arise, cover them up with lies, after all a robot's too stupid to understand, they only know what they’ve been programmed to by man! - Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Gay Blurb

I’m not your stereotypical gay guy, flamboyant expectations need not apply, I never lean in to give a guy a kiss hello, I’m a handshake daps kind of guy who likes to keep introductions mellow, I have no desire to be a girl, take lessons how to do a ballerina twirl, I don’t put on makeup or high heels, and I can’t tell u how wearing knee highs feels, no mascara lipstick cover-up or foundation, and I have no idea what the hell is liquid dermabrasion, I’m not into dressing up like all those drag queens, and u will never catch me wearing tights or skinny jeans, I’ve never painted or polished a single finger or toe nail, and I don’t have a high pitched squeal when I scream out and wail, I don’t shave my legs and definitely not my pits, I’m a work-a-holic so you’ll rarely catch me with oven mitts, my eyebrows have never been tweezed or plucked, I don’t have a unibrow but they can get bushy as fuck, I walk with a bit of a thug's swagger, I hate drama or a boy who is a jealous nagger, me and the guys don’t go to the bathroom with one another, I go out to have fun my mind isn’t always on sex or in the gutter, I’ll sometimes fart even when I’m out in public, if u tell me she’s hot than his looks are a totally acceptable subject, I’m not afraid of bugs or walking alone at night, I don’t pretend to be stupid or ditzy cause I’m actually very bright, I don't like clubs where I have to dance, I’m not a frolicker and I definitely don’t prance, I’d rather chill and relax at a hole in the wall dive bar, and I try not to overcompensate being gay by driving a truck instead of a car, I only have mix drinks if they're strong, I hate things up my butt especially a thong, I really dislike wasting time to shop, I definitely hate to clean having to do laundry or mop, I’m actually pretty good with money, I don’t go tanning but ill lay out at the beach if it’s sunny, I’m a man's man and kind of a sports nut, I work out a lot to get rid of my beer gut, I’d rather play games than watch them on TV, I’m very competitive aggressive and manly, I’m also aggressive when it comes to driving, unlike soap opera characters I’m not underhanded or conniving, if u disrespect me ill knock u out, I may be a homo but I know how to bout, I don’t begrudge nor am I vindictive enough to plot, I’ll tell u straight to your face if you’re the problem I’ve got, I don’t pull hair scratch or bite, I relentlessly jab hook and uppercut when I fight, my mannerisms aren't at all faggy, I don’t wear tight clothes actually they're rather baggy, I do have homosexual tendencies, but I absolutely don’t require any sort of women’s amenities, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, me being nice gets misinterpreted as being overly flirty, I love the water and don’t mind my hair getting wet, I’ll confidently jump in any poker game and make a big bluffing bet, my voice is a little nasal but I still talk masculine, and the ladies still hit on me cause I’m pretty straight acting, except I love to suck dick, and its always the male gender I repeatedly pick, I thought about piercing my right ear, but I think too many people would call me queer, I’ve never had any part of my body waxed, and now that I’m out I don’t deny being gay if I’m asked, for all the homophobes out there, your opinion's inconsequential and I just don’t care, u can kiss my ass after I forgot to wipe, after all I define the gay stereotype, not the other way around, only when you’re not blinded by fear and discrimination can u elevate to my level of profound! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Mr. Hotsy Totsy

People are constantly inquiring what happened, but is that the wrong question to be asking, u should acknowledge what u did, trying to plead ignorance but you’re not a little kid, u know u knew, the difference between evil and virtue, u r responsible for which path u choose, and u only have u to blame if u fail or lose, it’s ok to make mistakes and fall sometimes, cause in life the antigravity law applies, when u drop and cant stop ‘til u hit the floor, remember that life is a perpetual see-saw, eventually u will ascend, and hopefully over time your wounds will mend, just cause u strive to be perfect doesn’t mean u r, things look closer than they appear in the mirror in reality they're far, when u sentimentally reflect back on the past, u see things clearer and solutions come to mind real fast, hindsight's twenty-twenty, the endless possibilities when you’ve got money, just cause god gives us free will, doesn’t give anybody the right to kill, humans would love to have the power to play god, erase all preconceived notions and construct their own facade, we don’t get to decide who lives or dies, know how it all began and the unanswerable whys, I don’t idolize the rich and famous, id rather live my life rich and nameless, avoid the limelight and paparazzi, I’m too humble and prude to be Mr. Hotsy-Totsy, nor am I conceited and act all snotty, and got mad love for pretty much everybody, I try to restrain and refrain braining blaming and judging, assuming’s looming booing’s ensuing you’re venting with resentment and begrudging, remember there is a fine line between love and hate, good needs evil and vice versa the war is just fate! -Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Why Guy

I’ll tell u why guy, I won’t try to deny or lie, spoken word poetry wont be easy to work, when I get lyrical I can be hysterical respectable but sometimes a twerp, a jerk, a flirt, with a spurt of nerd, for what it's worth, I know my absurd words hurt, I try to imply I’m intellectual, but stray away from way too preachy and lectural, or forgetful, that people are special, a person's worth's immeasurable, leaving a long legacy's incredible, like that egg that’s edible, unlike humpty dumpty mendable, friendship to me is indispensable, looking for a guy who's eligible, can’t live inseparable, when I need to be I’m apologetic, I have dreams that can be prophetic, I hate attempts that r pathetic, or uncompetitive rhetoric, I want to inspire the entire mass collective, to be more aggressive, compassionate and sympathetic, to all human beings, and seeing, that sexism and racism is fleeing and fleeting, people are bleeding, for love, a hug, from a stud less smug, quick to rub your face in the mud, sweep his feelings up under the rug, irresponsibly shrug your responsibility for the holes you've dug, and now you’re stuck, out of luck, in this crazy strangely quaintly mind fuck, a shmuck, like a nut u suck, can accrue guck, quicker than a buck, so you’re broke, all strung out on coke, need a toke of pot smoke, considered a hoax by the old folk, eavesdroppingly pry and poke, u nosy bloke, I’m kind of irrational, entrappable, laughable, but easily compatible, elasticable, accidental, but driven, it's a given, I’m missing some that are no longer living, or in prison for the unforgivable sinning, even though it’s hard living, I manage to maintain my grinning, and smirking, even when trouble's lurking, I’m hurting, and what I’m doing isn’t working, recycling and reiterating the same rhyme, it’s fine, but I think it’s time, to say goodbye, go get high, and give writing another poem a try, and maybe I, will come alive, not be a thorn or a sty, have people wonder how and why, I don’t know I guess I’m blessed but I jest its best to just sigh, I’m actually just naturally happy to be that wacky nasty crafty of a guy! - Joe Conscious Vacca

Peace and 1


Monday, March 2, 2009

Believe In Me (Freestyle)

When it comes to life i tend to jump in, wind up stumblin and fumblin, keep my eyes closed, try not to show how im bashful, a real shy guy, usually high, to avoid all the stress, nothings for certain its all just guess, loved ones think they know best, u cant forsake them cause they make u blessed, I must confess, im having trouble making my own dreams manifest, i dont know how, to make u proud, with ur extreme expectations, combined with my youthful impatience, there seems to be no pleasin u, other's success and happiness are a tease too, im just not good enough, I always take the road that's tough, gotta walk in my own shoes, don't follow other people's rules, I won't respect authority, or follow the majority, can't take advice, avoiding making the same mistakes twice, impossible to learn from other people's lessons, my failures and imperfections are my blessins, I find it hard to admit when im wrong, even harder to show my true talent through song, afraid of all the criticism, from people only pretending to listen, a groovy beat, is my message's defeat, maybe my entire album will be acappella, to show how im a diversified music fella, love hip hop rap and r&b, love to sing about a love story like they do in country, what happened to music being inspiration, musicians speaking out without reservations, everythings censored getting more and more generic, talent and originality's becoming esoteric, I think society's losing sight, the difference between what's wrong and the right, kids are getting spoiled and lazy, becoming unloyal and crazy, told too many lies, to save u the pain is the excuse they cry, leaving us ill prepared for the truth, the reality of life's aloof, what am I working so hard for, when the lucrative jobs are drug dealer and a whore, u pave the road to hell, with ideas like sex sells, beauty over brains, all u need is fortune and fame, no time for friends and family, u can buy them with all ur money, forget credentials its who u know, pretend to be a friend even tho ur a foe, the more fake u r, the more u become like that famous hollywood star, caught up in playing ur next role, all that money's goin towards hell's next toll, while ur falling south im rising, my good values and beliefs i refuse comprimising, i can only portray me, hope God still has faith in my destiny, in my prayers all im askin, is to help me have the stregnth to follow my passions, whether I fail or succeed, please just let my parents be pleased with and believe in me! -Joe Conscience Original

Peace and 1


Word Game

Lets play a lil word game, maybe gain me some fame ... to prove my ability, to wittily, sinfully, silly, makin u giddy, ridiculously, interestingly, jestingly, directively, driving u insane, that was tame, just give me a paper a pen ,and just say when, to drop an insightful, delightful, polite, tho sometimes spiteful, mouthful, on the mic tho, he ignites yo, spark a light oh, start a fight yo, show me some might, oh my, it's about time, the name to remember is mine, Joe Vacca Joe Conscious, talkin bout real hot topics, tryin not to be microscopic, i cant stop this, blasphamous, God ass kick, ask for forgiveness, but dont ass kiss, tisk tisk, ignorance isnt bliss, with his instinctually, distinguishingly, fictitiously, maliciously, delisciously, viciously, hippocritically, sincrinicity, and bigitry, he gave free willingly, and secretly, kept billin me, without tellin me, this is hell G, oh well B, take it from me, dont spend eternity, standing bentedly, or see bently, ur perception becomes deception, aint no exception, or exemption, try attemptin redemption, dont self satisfy ur erection, follow direction, maintain ur complexion, when u find out u just lost the election, dont keep everything in its proper section, cause it causes tension, and did i mention revolution, too much polution, rise up against this fucked up institution, where success is illusion, reality a bad dream from a brain contusion, there's no excusing, winning or losing, it's what uve been choosing, dont get too abusing used or confused and, think it's not what u do but what u say, it dont matter ur gay, u go or u stay, all work and no play, lackidaisical or seize the day, nay or yay, u pray, hopin the sky changes from gray today, dont let ur wits fray, when u disobey and go ur own way, i gotta flauntingly, hauntingly, cautioningly warn thee, unfortunately, u disproportionately accordingly pay for the mistakes u made, im glad u stayed, u didnt sleezily, evilly, greedily, feebily, deceivingly, believingly achieving glee, thru suicide, u lied, cowardly hide, and denied, i despise, u dont even try, to fly, get high, u just sigh or cry, waintin, hatin, and debatin til the day u die! - Joe Conscious Original

Peace and 1


Attention Grabber

Im the attention grabber, with the volasoraptor distractor, an actor, that can capture the wackier character, I have a knack, for tact spattin, attackin with passion, droppin the knowledge ur lacking, preach and teach, to never let failure entangle ya, or let anger strangle ya, I only experience silence with a good meal, when ur mouth's full its hard to keep it real, America neglects family time, represses messages and vestiges expressed thru rhyme, what's the government's beef with rap, enough time's lapsed to standup to their crap, why do they deny gay marriage, equal tax benefits and adoption u disparage, like if u were raised by gays, ull turn out that way, if I kill a man everyone's bitchin, yet authority's in position to pull the switch and, use electrocution as a form of execution, without any consequence, but on the topic of abortion rights u remain on the fence, ur not atypical, u too r hippocritical, ur judges judgemental, u give health insurance but no dental, banks are only open during work hours, 24/7 access to our money u wont allow us, after work some mornings around 3, the only food to eat is Mickey D's, which isnt good for anybody especially me, with a family history of heart disease, u could also think outside the bun, clog your arteries instantly for fun, die slowly or buy yourself a gun, death should be painless and swift, but maybe then death would be considered a gift, I didnt elect to be subjected, to this 3d puzzle God erected, constantly feeling neglected, forgetted, waitin to be beheaded or hanged, for that guy I banged, or for my obsurd words burnin surfaces like acid rain, that remain contained in the brain, like an irremovable stain, and being hung over from too much grain, which is driving u insane, it's a shame, u cant play the blame game, for ur inability to gain fame, popularity is hard to obtain, you've got to be likeable and insightful, without being frightful, the truth is scary, im masculine italian and hairy, but in reality im still a fairy, can u hear me, or are you just too stupid u fear me, hit second gear G, you gotta accelerate and grow faster to compare to me!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious