Monday, March 2, 2009

Believe In Me (Freestyle)

When it comes to life i tend to jump in, wind up stumblin and fumblin, keep my eyes closed, try not to show how im bashful, a real shy guy, usually high, to avoid all the stress, nothings for certain its all just guess, loved ones think they know best, u cant forsake them cause they make u blessed, I must confess, im having trouble making my own dreams manifest, i dont know how, to make u proud, with ur extreme expectations, combined with my youthful impatience, there seems to be no pleasin u, other's success and happiness are a tease too, im just not good enough, I always take the road that's tough, gotta walk in my own shoes, don't follow other people's rules, I won't respect authority, or follow the majority, can't take advice, avoiding making the same mistakes twice, impossible to learn from other people's lessons, my failures and imperfections are my blessins, I find it hard to admit when im wrong, even harder to show my true talent through song, afraid of all the criticism, from people only pretending to listen, a groovy beat, is my message's defeat, maybe my entire album will be acappella, to show how im a diversified music fella, love hip hop rap and r&b, love to sing about a love story like they do in country, what happened to music being inspiration, musicians speaking out without reservations, everythings censored getting more and more generic, talent and originality's becoming esoteric, I think society's losing sight, the difference between what's wrong and the right, kids are getting spoiled and lazy, becoming unloyal and crazy, told too many lies, to save u the pain is the excuse they cry, leaving us ill prepared for the truth, the reality of life's aloof, what am I working so hard for, when the lucrative jobs are drug dealer and a whore, u pave the road to hell, with ideas like sex sells, beauty over brains, all u need is fortune and fame, no time for friends and family, u can buy them with all ur money, forget credentials its who u know, pretend to be a friend even tho ur a foe, the more fake u r, the more u become like that famous hollywood star, caught up in playing ur next role, all that money's goin towards hell's next toll, while ur falling south im rising, my good values and beliefs i refuse comprimising, i can only portray me, hope God still has faith in my destiny, in my prayers all im askin, is to help me have the stregnth to follow my passions, whether I fail or succeed, please just let my parents be pleased with and believe in me! -Joe Conscience Original

Peace and 1


Word Game

Lets play a lil word game, maybe gain me some fame ... to prove my ability, to wittily, sinfully, silly, makin u giddy, ridiculously, interestingly, jestingly, directively, driving u insane, that was tame, just give me a paper a pen ,and just say when, to drop an insightful, delightful, polite, tho sometimes spiteful, mouthful, on the mic tho, he ignites yo, spark a light oh, start a fight yo, show me some might, oh my, it's about time, the name to remember is mine, Joe Vacca Joe Conscious, talkin bout real hot topics, tryin not to be microscopic, i cant stop this, blasphamous, God ass kick, ask for forgiveness, but dont ass kiss, tisk tisk, ignorance isnt bliss, with his instinctually, distinguishingly, fictitiously, maliciously, delisciously, viciously, hippocritically, sincrinicity, and bigitry, he gave free willingly, and secretly, kept billin me, without tellin me, this is hell G, oh well B, take it from me, dont spend eternity, standing bentedly, or see bently, ur perception becomes deception, aint no exception, or exemption, try attemptin redemption, dont self satisfy ur erection, follow direction, maintain ur complexion, when u find out u just lost the election, dont keep everything in its proper section, cause it causes tension, and did i mention revolution, too much polution, rise up against this fucked up institution, where success is illusion, reality a bad dream from a brain contusion, there's no excusing, winning or losing, it's what uve been choosing, dont get too abusing used or confused and, think it's not what u do but what u say, it dont matter ur gay, u go or u stay, all work and no play, lackidaisical or seize the day, nay or yay, u pray, hopin the sky changes from gray today, dont let ur wits fray, when u disobey and go ur own way, i gotta flauntingly, hauntingly, cautioningly warn thee, unfortunately, u disproportionately accordingly pay for the mistakes u made, im glad u stayed, u didnt sleezily, evilly, greedily, feebily, deceivingly, believingly achieving glee, thru suicide, u lied, cowardly hide, and denied, i despise, u dont even try, to fly, get high, u just sigh or cry, waintin, hatin, and debatin til the day u die! - Joe Conscious Original

Peace and 1


Attention Grabber

Im the attention grabber, with the volasoraptor distractor, an actor, that can capture the wackier character, I have a knack, for tact spattin, attackin with passion, droppin the knowledge ur lacking, preach and teach, to never let failure entangle ya, or let anger strangle ya, I only experience silence with a good meal, when ur mouth's full its hard to keep it real, America neglects family time, represses messages and vestiges expressed thru rhyme, what's the government's beef with rap, enough time's lapsed to standup to their crap, why do they deny gay marriage, equal tax benefits and adoption u disparage, like if u were raised by gays, ull turn out that way, if I kill a man everyone's bitchin, yet authority's in position to pull the switch and, use electrocution as a form of execution, without any consequence, but on the topic of abortion rights u remain on the fence, ur not atypical, u too r hippocritical, ur judges judgemental, u give health insurance but no dental, banks are only open during work hours, 24/7 access to our money u wont allow us, after work some mornings around 3, the only food to eat is Mickey D's, which isnt good for anybody especially me, with a family history of heart disease, u could also think outside the bun, clog your arteries instantly for fun, die slowly or buy yourself a gun, death should be painless and swift, but maybe then death would be considered a gift, I didnt elect to be subjected, to this 3d puzzle God erected, constantly feeling neglected, forgetted, waitin to be beheaded or hanged, for that guy I banged, or for my obsurd words burnin surfaces like acid rain, that remain contained in the brain, like an irremovable stain, and being hung over from too much grain, which is driving u insane, it's a shame, u cant play the blame game, for ur inability to gain fame, popularity is hard to obtain, you've got to be likeable and insightful, without being frightful, the truth is scary, im masculine italian and hairy, but in reality im still a fairy, can u hear me, or are you just too stupid u fear me, hit second gear G, you gotta accelerate and grow faster to compare to me!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious