Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joe Conscious Info

This post is an informational update for all my followers and fans. I have just finished recording an a capella cd for the first chapter of my book (which is the 24 poems and 1 song below).

Also, I have been working with 2 producers: Adam Pfeffer and Stress. Both of them have unique and different music styles that are helping conceptualize the Joe Conscious sound. Adam Pfeffer and I have been working on making music from scratch with a more live jazzy organic and raw sound to it. Stress has the dj style with awsome samples and scratching that makes a more funkified commercially radio sound. You can hear the music Adam and I made by clicking on the link to the right labeled "MySpace". Stress' tracks will be up on there by the end of the week.

From my first chapter I will probably make a music cd with around 10 tracks.

I am going home to RI from 4/23-5/9 and hopefully I will make the last few edits to Chapter 1 and submit it to get published.

If I have enough time I will also start posting the written portion of the second chapter (which I am extremely excited for). I am not sure when the a capella recording will begin.

As a little FYI teaser ... right now I have 4 completed chapters and I am about half way through a 5th.

Please, please, please if you like what I do and talk about ... please support me, give me feedback, and make sure to tell all your friends!

Peace and 1
Joe Conscious