Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Addicted To 420

Wake and bake is great
When my brain function isn’t at stake
Over time the damage done will eventually heal
Wish I could just learn to better cope with how I feel
My lungs must be blackened and shot
Weed unmotivates me into an absent minded fog
Definitely shouldn’t be an unprofessional jerk
Getting all blitzed or stoned before or during work
Need to get back into exercising and writing
Instead of constantly lighting or igniting
To deal with the harsh reality of things
Plus smoke is terrible for anyone who sings
Simply got to stop toking marijuana
Though I know I really don’t wanna
It is good for my overall health
Perhaps I’ll actually acquire some wealth
Since I’m not wasting away money
The amount I’ve spent on pot is not even funny
However tough this endeavor may be
Life’s stresses won’t get the best of me
With the will that I have to survive
And wanting my music career to thrive
Being sober should help give me the drive
To not be so lazy and get high all the time
Mostly I dabble when I’m bored or floored
But I’ve got to cut the umbilical chord
Never thought I’d become addicted
Without it I’m extremely moody and vindictive
Extra drastic sporadic and spastic
A super sarcastic bastard
In the past I’ve tried gradually quitting
Yet the bad habit keeps persisting
Before I would lie and hide the fact I was afraid
Felt I was well above having to go to NA
Now I realize I do need some support and help
The hardest person admitting this problem to was myself

Peace and 1
Joe Conscious


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vulture Culture

All we do is take take take
No room for error or mistake
When fate is at stake
The only two options are make or break
Bad timing leaves me late
Unable to seize the day
Missed opportunity fills my temple with hate
Which can easily be misdirected
Look at all the folks who’ve been affected
By powerful words
Even a healing heart hurts
The pain will help you gain
Understanding that it has to rain
To appreciate the true value of the sun
Thank god for the ability to run
It’s a fun form of meditation
But my only hesitation
Is learn to crawl and walk first
Don’t jump over important growth spurts
There’s a natural progression
Especially experiencing oppression
Can lead to having more compassion
Communities joining forces to take action
Stop nagging and rehashing
Disciplining with verbal lashing
It simply isn’t effective communication
And there’s no immunization
For being taught that bad habit
Dag nabbit I’ve had it
Capitalism is just so evil
Why is our national symbol a bald eagle
Because I happen to think a preying vulture
Might be a better metaphor for America’s consumer culture

Peace and 1
Joe Conscious


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Swift Kick In The Ass

So much to say but very little time,
Usually only get 3 minutes to rhyme,
Which means I’ve got to be direct and concise,
Avoid tangents giving emotional or judgmental advice,
Honestly I’m not really the biggest fan,
Of Americans’ short attention spans,
Who made the rule that a song,
Automatically gets boring if it’s too long,
Two refuting examples worth giving a mention,
Are “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Stairway To Heaven”,
The lengths are quite drastic,
But even today they’re both considered classics,
Why are we unbelievably greedy and impatient,
Gullibly naïve lazy and complacent,
It’s interesting how Bush ran absolutely wild,
Yet Obama sucks cause he can’t solve the problems GW pig piled,
I find it rather silly,
How this country defers responsibility,
Living in a false virtual reality,
With this spoiled sense of entitlement mentality,
Our children are becoming casualties,
To miseducation and exaggerated fallacies,
Magical stories filled with this fairytale fantasy of finding bliss,
The truth is hidden to the point it almost doesn’t exist,
Everything’s sugar coated and just peachy,
Comedy’s turned to satire all tongue and cheeky,
While having morals and values has u pegged as corny or cheesy,
Believe me it aint easy trying to please these ignorant wanna be deities,
I’m challenging listeners to raise their bar,
Maybe then spitting raps with lyrical content becomes par,
Or is that idea too far even beyond the stars,
Like producing non gas guzzling cars,
Products that actually are built and meant to last,
Recyclable instead of wastefully thrown away in the trash,
Can society get back to the gold standard and using cash,
Wish the whole notion of credit was just a thing of the past,
Cuz collectors come at u fast,
And interest is the biggest bitch that gets the last laugh,
Perhaps we need like Red from “That 70’s Show” always said, “A swift kick in the ass”!

Peace and 1
Joe Conscious


Monday, November 14, 2011

Up Shit’s Creek

Is anyone else tired of this fucked up corrupt system,
That’s definitely resisting listening to wisdom,
Even police lack common sense and intelligence,
Issuing an excessive amount of tickets in negligence,
Again passing this country’s financial woes onto the people,
I swear our government is disgustingly evil,
Despite the middle class being collectively pissed,
We insist on doing what’s in the rich’s best interest,
No regulation’s required for authority,
Voting is no longer the voice of the majority,
It seems to me popularity beats quality,
Bush rigging the second election still really bothers me
Laws are filled with hypocrisy,
Capitalism’s absolutely ruining democracy,
Further dividing instead of uniting us,
Consumed by fear so we’re lacking the guts,
And the ability to trust,
That judges will rule and do what’s fair and just,
Everybody’s hidden agenda involves gaining a competitive edge,
Dig deep enough and you’ll find dirt u can use as leverage,
Blackmail’s totally cool and in fact’s the new fad,
Just anxiously await for the next celebrity mishap,
Who in Hollywood isn’t cheating beating or stealing,
Which politicians aren’t soliciting or illegally scheming and back-end dealing,
My fists are clenching with this wrenching feeling,
There’s a slim chance of recovery unless we begin mending and healing,
After years of discrimination and oppression,
I thought the recession would be a disguised blessing,
Forcing people to re-evaluate living within their means,
Unfortunately instead we fell for wall streets greed,
Don’t believe that repercussions have peaked,
It appears the whole globes pretty much up shit’s creek!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious