Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Joe Conscious Revolution Has Begun

Numbers are just numbers to me
Numbers become numbers when there's a silent b
I refuse to be ruled by money
It seems so funny
How the world has become a business
And people are diminished to statistics
Is this a popularity contest
Who's success is truly best
Perhaps if you're a doctor or a lawyer
I feel proud to be a voyeur
Someone socially commentating while experiencing life
Using music to soothe the pain and strife
And maybe in the process even help
Someone other than just myself
Fuck the almighty dollar
Or being a scholar
So far educations earned me debt
Without a degree there's supposedly nothing left
Well I am still a human being
Have no intention in ever believing
All the greedy's bullshit and lies
And I will no longer compromise
My heart or my soul
I'm proud to be an individual
Not better than anyone nor worse
Passing judgment is God's curse
Screw the status quo
The one thing I do know
Is I know nothing
Except feelings like hatred and loving
I have a powerful voice
But it's ultimately my choice
To use it
Not for amusement
But to actually say something with value and meaning
That isn't demeaning or for scheming reasons
Like being famous or rich
It took me a while to find my nitch
Which is being a gay white poetic rapper
An attention grabber
For the minorities and underdogs
I don't care about records or scores
All I ask is to take action and listen
Break out of your shells and prisons
America is a shortsighted caste system
Unapologetic and not easily forgiving
I want to inspire and empower people
With words fight the forces of evil
Stop following the leader and be one
Let it be known the Joe Conscious revolution has begun!

Peace and 1
Joe Conscious