Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Walrus Effect

Last night I had a recording session with DJ Monte Carlo for THA GLITCH project we are working together on with Shinobi. DJ MC came up with this dope dope beat he called the Walrus Effect. Shinobi had previously recorded a poetic verse for it already and I finished writing and recorded my verse last night!!!! Let me just say I have grown so much in my lyrical ability ... this new song my flow is absolutely sick ... I mean disgustingly good!!!!! Cant wait for him to edit in the next few days and I'll try to put up a link for y'all to hear it.

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crazy Pride Week Events!!!!!

First off Saturday, June 16th was "Higher Consciousness" which featured me, Joe Conscious, doing a half hour of performing poetry and hip hop music at Faetopia. This was a hugely intimate yet successful show. I had about 20 of my friends acquaintances and fans show up some of which saw me for the very first time. I performed 4 a capella poems that were mostly gay themed as well as 4 rap tracks. I got tremendous positive feedback from this performance. I was told my stage presence had vastly improved to where I was opening my eyes smiling and interacting with the audience while staying in the zone!

Then last Tuesday, June 19th I went to the Supper Club to do a radio/tv podcast interview with Bernadette where I had about 10 mins of interview and a lil a capella poetry and music thrown in there too. It was hugely successful and as soon as I get the youtube link I will post for all of u to watch.

Last but certainly not least ... was Pride this past Sunday, June 24th. I performed a lil poetry clip and 2 rap tracks on the Faerie Freedom Village stage! This was by far my best performance to date!!!!! I think it was a combination of it being Pride and my first one in fact in SF as well as the amazing energy of the totally attentive crowd. Wasnt necessarily my largest audience but there were a good 50 people at least. Tonight im going into the studio to start recording 2 tracks: one for my first JC album the other is a verse for one of my new producer's beats that im collaborating with Shinobi on for "Tha Glitch" project.

Until next time...

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Oh Why

Sorry I havent posted in a while but my life has just been crazy busy and ive been out there performing and perfecting my stage presence while also promoting and marketing Joe Conscious. Just this past Saturday I participated in "Faetopia". I had a half hour slot called "Higher Consciousness" that was a mix of poetry and hip hop. Tho it was a smaller crowd I was proud of my performance. It was also awesome that the people that did show up were true new fans many of which saw me perform for the very first time. I had several people come up to me afterwards and give me praise. Words cant even express how humbled and gratified I was to even be a part of such a magical event. And im even more excited about this Sunday performing at SF Gay Pride on the Faerie Freedom Village stage at 1:40-1:50. I will perform one a capella poem along with 2 hip hop songs. This will be one of my biggest opportunities to perform! I found a new producer named Tony who was one of the special people that came to support me on Sat and he is helping me record my first album while also working on a project with me and another producer/poet on a follow up album. Up on youtube now is "Why Oh Why" which is a beat that was produced by Brandon West out of LA and it has some reggae flavor to it with very politically controversial lyrics. Also ive been working on my last four songs for the album one of which "Your Loss" is shaping up to be a collaboration with a local singer who I am collaborating on for one of his songs as well "I Getz No Sleep". Then there's "Together Forever" which will talk about gay rights and equality as well as "Take A High Ride With JC" which promises to be a different type of a pot song. All of those beats are Brandon West's. The last track "Stupid Robots" is a beat by Relik who was the first producer out of San Diego I bought beats from (including Beacon of Light, Try, UCD, Battles & Wars). Sadly I have not been working on any new poetry but I still have been performing some of the classics. "Higher Consciousness" really brought me back to my roots performing my first ever piece of writing "Believe In Me" and the classic favorite "Attention Grabber" along with "Egomaniacal Man Vs. Mind" and "Baldy Bean" which pay homage to gay pride! Please feel free to give me feedback on any of my work!!!!!!!!! Peace and 1