Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stupid Robots

What's the deal everybody?!?!?!! So I have a brand new rap track called "Stupid Robots" on youtube ... go check it out ... then let me know what u think!!!!!! It's my take on the effect technology has on human interaction, global economy and employment. Also by the request of a friend of mine, I put up four new youtube videos of some spoken word poetry that was written at the end of 2011. Unfortunately ive been so focused on my hip hop album ive neglected my roots but i'll get back there. Once I really start working on my second album im sure ill get more into a poetry writing mood. I usually draw topics and inspiration for songs from my poetry. Poetry is like my version of freestyling/stream of consciousness. The poems are called: "Up Shits Creek", "The Future Looks Bleak", "Gone In The Wrong Direction", and "Home Of The Brave". Not gonna lie they are dark pessimistic kick in the ass poems with raw unadulterated activating lyrics. Im very angry and frustrated with the system and these are me speaking out about shit!!!! And please give me feedback and spread Joe Conscious!!!!! Carpe Diem!!!!!

Peace and 1,

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday Musical Fun Day

Yesterday was quite the fun filled day of music. I went in to the recording studio and recorded 4 more songs, which is 2/3 of the way done with my first album!!!!!! Over all it was a success. Then I went into the city for a block party performance which was small but awesome nonetheless. Followed by a ShowOff/Meow Mix a capella poetry performance and then a performance at Truck for Ice Queen Sundays!!! All went pretty well although the audience at Ice Queen was a lil distractingly loud but I managed to only stumble a lil bit on the 2nd verse. I was proud for keeping my composure and pushing thru the mistakes ... proves to myself im growing as a performer as well!!! Now it's crunch time if I want to get my cd out by next month. Im thinking 2 songs this week and 2 songs next week!!!! The nice thing is I have 2-3 cushion weeks just in case where I can also be finalizing adlibs and fixing any vocals not up to par. God this is getting exciting!!!!!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Forge Studios

Hey everybody!!!! So I have some stellar news ... I shld have my first album out sometime in Aug!!!! I am currently recording with The Forge Studios. I recorded 4 songs this past Sun, will record 4 more this Sun, and hopefully finish writing the last 4 songs in the next few weeks. Just so y'all know I have been working really hard! Actually I just finished the first verse and chorus to "Stupid Robots" and working on the first verse and chorus to "Together Forever" as well.

Also still working with Tony and Shinobi for Tha Glitch project! In fact I was in his studio last night recording the chorus to a new beat he labeled "Dreamstate". It's this really raw grungy gansta beat that shld have an interesting contrast of heavy rap verses mixed with a lil soultry r&b style chorus! Im thinking it might be called something like "Maybe My Destiny's To Be Lonely".

Last night was fun! After the studio I went to Deco for a lil karoke and performed Mr. Big's To Be With You and actually freestyled some lyrics to this crazy cool beat another hip hop mc was rapping to. I got some really good surprising feedback.

Peace and 1,