Friday, September 28, 2012

Officially On ITUNES!!!!

What's the deal everybody?!?!?! I want to start off by saying THANK YOU!!!! This album is dedicated to every true hip hop music lover out there as well as any and everybody I've ever met along this journey!!!! It has been a long hard road but having special family and friends in my life has made this struggle possible!!!! I am so excited for you all to hear the album!!! And I especially can't wait to hear all your feedback and favorite tracks!!!! There have been many many many bumps and hurdles especially financial entanglements that have forced me at times to compromise my dream, but thanks to my parents I was taught to always have a back up plan and be pragmatic and smart about pursuing music as a passion. I can honestly say that this is the most fulfilling experience and I can't stop smiling!!!! Please please please help me by not only purchasing and listening to my music but to also spread the word. I purposely did not go the big record studio route and don't have lots of money to market and advertise!!!! By simply telling one friend and that person tells one friend ... that's how people go viral!!!! I really think I have a great product!!!! I have succeeded in putting my heart and soul into meaningful, inspirational, conscious message driven lyrics that I hope relates to people on a higher deeper level!!!! I also can't wait to do a mini cd release tour in SF, Oakland, San Jose, LA, SD, RI, for sure and who knows maybe MA, CT, NY and anywhere else that has fans!!! Will be working on music videos ASAP and probably some remixes as well!!!! Thanks again and please don't forget to spread the word of Joe Conscious!!!! Peace and 1, JC

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Uploaded & Processing

What's the deal everybody?!?!?! Last night I was able to upload my album and cover art, however, I woke up this morning to an email saying my cover art was rejected. After major scrambling and panicking my friend Craig was able to help me out and reproduce the cover art in what appears to be the correct size. The first redo version he created he spelled conscious incorrectly and I almost finalized the wrong cover. I was able to resubmit the cover art tho and it looks like everything is being processed. Please keep ur fingers crossed that no other bumps present themselves!!!!!! I really just want this album out so people can listen to it!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to keep y'all posted. It can take anywhere from 2-6 days for it to be up on itunes ... hoping Fri will be the day tho!!!! Peace and 1, JC

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cover Art Down Music Upload To Go ...

What's the deal everybody?!?!?! I just finished finally uploading my cover art to Catapult for digital distribution. As soon as I get home from work I will upload the music tracks while im at the gym so when I get back everything shld be good to go and submitted to itunes. It still looks like im on par for an end of the week release on itunes ... here's hoping. Sorry for all the delays, obstacles and hurdles but looks like this is actually happening!!!!! Really excited to see what people's reactions will be and what sales will look like. This has been a long tedious and grueling process but I have perservered and triumphed!!! Please support local independent artists and musicians and spread the word of Joe Conscious' "Higher Consciousness"!!! Peace and 1, JC

Friday, September 14, 2012

More Obstacles & Hurdles

Sorry guys but there's been more delays!!! Ive spent the past few days finishing up my album cover and back, as well as researching copyrighting and of course the e-copyright website is down this weekend for maintenance!!! Nothing comes easy ... right?!?!?! Im excited to head down to San Diego this weekend and while im chilling on the beach I will do more research as well as hit up all my music contacts to figure out the proper way to copyright my stuff. As soon as "Higher Consciousness" is submitted and paid for I can go ahead and upload it to Catapult for online distribution. I know this is super inconvenient and believe me my patience is running super thin already, but im gonna try to see the light and be optimistic about this road bump and use this weekend to get my ducks in a row so I can get this cd out ASAP!!!! Im sooooooooooo close!!!

Peace and 1

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Higher Consciousness Officially Completed

What's the deal everybody?!?!?!

So the day has finally arrived!!!! As of Sun evening Higher Consciousness has been mastered down and ready to be digitized and sold. Im currently just trying to finish up the cd booklet today and tomorrow so I can sell a complete professional package!!!!! Lots of time, hard work and dedication were necessary ... but I finally accomplished one of my biggest goals/dreams and im only 30 ... what's next???? Already started searching for beats/instrumentals for my follow up album but really focusing more on some short term goals which includes a few much needed short vacations,SD this weekend, hopefully another trip to LA Portland Seattle and Chicago, but im especially excited to be going home to RI for Xmas. Most of these visits will include mini shows/fundraisers/cd release parties. I will re-evaluate where im at come Jan '13 and perhaps will be planning a college tour or some other tour perhaps being an opening act or something. Anyway, I will keep u all posted as soon as it's up on itunes. Cant wait to see what u all think!!!

Peace and 1,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

So Close I Can Almost Taste It

What's the deal everybody?!?!?! Went to the studio last night and picked up a mastered down final cd and let me just say ... it's like night and day. I went from an indy sound to a really professional sound!!!! Words cannot describe how tight and bumping this album is!!!! There are literally only a handful of edits left to make, mainly volume issues and a couple words got hazy/fuzzy from being mastered down that can be tightened up. Looks like my timetable was spot on. Should be absolutely 100% completed by this weekend!!!! Somebody asked me yesterday what my favorite track was and I got stumped. They are all very very good and could hold up each on their own. Beacon of Light was the first rap song I ever wrote so there's some sentimental nostalgia there, Keep Holding On is very close to my heart, but I absolutely love love love jamming out to Your Loss. Of course A Monster Mash just gets my head boppin!!! My other two collabos are plain sick thanx to Cruz and Jaden!!! Beyond The Stars is one track that still needs a lil volume work to get it bumpin as well as Stupid Robots first verse, but the chorus sound effect is crazy cool!!!! What an eclectic solid cd this will be ... hopefully classic and timeless!!!

Peace and 1,

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crazy Schedules

Due to crazy scheduling issues I am going to pick up the final version tonight!!! Last night I went to Tony's (my SF beat producer) apartment to chill and hang out since I hadn't been there in over a month. Ive been soooooo busy finalizing my album which took an additional cpl of weeks than had anticipated. It was good to catch up with him and Shinobi. We three and a few additional peeps are working on a project called Tha Glitch. Im very excited about this project. It will be my follow up to Higher Consciousness. The concept of this cd is to have dancy club hip hop tracks vs. HC's concept of bringing fans quality old school banging beats to listen to in ur cars (which is where I listen to most music anyway). We've already recorded The Walrus Effect and im working on 3 other beats ... which is really really exciting and a challenging creative venture. Anyway like I said I rescheduled picking up my final cd until tonight after I hit up the gym. Still on par to have it uploaded this week so by next week it'll be available for digital download. If anybody wants to make a financial contribution to help jump start my venture, please feel free to hit me up via email at Any help wld be greatly appreciated. Printing, copying, and cd case costs are rather pricey and high. Not to mention marketing and advertising costs, as well as copyright and digitizing fees. Up to this point I have been able to finance my music thru my daytime law job, but now it's just not feasible anymore. I'd like to become self sustainable enough to hire a manager and be able to fund my next project with proceeds from this cd. Please please please support local art and artists and spread the name Joe Conscious!!!!

Peace and 1,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here It Comes!!!

So as an update weeks in the posting ... the album is done!!!!! I got a semi finished project on Sun and have done a bunch of listening to just make sure the volume levels are good and it looks like today after work I will be heading to pick up a final cd!!!!! Words cannot express the joy and fulfilling feelings I am experiencing in this crucial moment in time!!!! I may be biased but this cd rocks!!!! 12 tracks bringing back that old school 90s sound which was infused with conscious soulful and inspiring lyrics and messages!!!! Hope ull wanna blast it over and over again!!!!! I will be finalizing the cd cover, back and booklet this week and shld have Higher Conscious uploaded to Catapult by the end of this week. Apparently it shldnt be longer than a few days before it'll then be sent to I-Tunes for digital sale. Will be planning a cd release/listening party/fundraiser in the next week or 2 for the bay area. Will also be visiting San Diego 9/14-9/17 and am hoping to have a cd release party there as well!!!! Soon to follow a release concert/party in LA, Portland, Seattle, Vegas, Denver and Chicago. Of course when I am in RI for Xmas 12/22-12/30 I will have a cd release/concert there and maybe even Boston and NYC!!!! Obviously all this hinges on the success of the album!!! Please please please have a listen and if u like what u hear spread the word!!!!

Peace and 1,