Monday, May 27, 2013

Higher Consciousness Tour

Hey everybody,

So I am leaving from SF 6/1 on tour. I will be stopping in Vegas 6/1-6/2, Salt Lake City 6/2-6/3, Denver 6/3-6/5, Minneapolis 6/5-6/8, Madison 6/8-6/9, Chicago 6/9-6/14, St Louis 6/14-6/15, Nashville 6/15-6/17, DC area 6/17-6/19, Philly 6/19-6/21, NY/CT 6/21-??? 

I will be recording videos and taking loads of pics with help from my friend Cristina keeping u all up to date with how my tour is going!!!! 

Please don't forget if u like my music and poetry, tell someone about me, or buy my album, or get someone else to buy it!!!! Im working on some new material and actually recorded a new song called, "Shine Thru"!!!! It's available on my soundcloud as well as on my FB feed!!!!!

Peace and 1,