Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rebelieve In Love & Peace

Ya'll really don't think I love myself, I just don't care about ur opinion fame or wealth, like Cartman "I do what I want", I try not to boast or flaunt, cuz nobody likes an arrogant bastard besides the beer, straight folks will never understand the struggle to be openly queer, especially being masculine and not fitting the stereotype, please don't feed into the oversexualized hype of gay life, I'm starting to think men are incapable of love, humiliated and desensitized into being tough enough, afterall showing emotion makes u weak, facing complete defeat whenever we compete, crying is a release and relief, to help overcome grief, I won't filter or censor when I speak, I refuse to take responsibility for when ur wrong, no sorry u can't bogart my song, I meant collab in terms of ur voice, guess once again I made a bad choice, apparently I'm stupid, either immune or allergic to cupid, cursed when it comes to timing relationships and luck, think I'm asexual cuz I don't wanna fuck, I'm not interested in most guys around here, too consumed by ignorance and fear, they haven't a single clue, who they are or what they're meant to do, coasting thru, on what somone told them to, never questioning or rebelling, ur presidential pick is telling, is that doomsday I'm smelling, I miss Aaron Spelling, he had great taste in tv, like Gary Marshall did but also with movies, we need better original scripts and programming, what's with all the fraud and scamming, taking pride in cheating the system, wish like in Iceland corrupt bankers and politicians went to prison, legalize natural drugs like mushrooms and weed, I hate that humans are controlled by greed, I hope to plant a seed to help us rebelieve, in the land of the free home of the brave and world peace!

Peace and 1,