Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's Ur Identity Legacy & Destiny

A poem's strength is not in it's length, but if it vividly depicts a journey uve gone or went thru and experienced, is it inspirational or relatable, perhaps a debatable fable or tall tale, some fiction mixed in with non, not meant to deceive or con, but maybe to teach a lesson, it's a blessing to keep people rereading and guessing, each time discovering something new, suspense and mystery are like glue, at least to the eyes, when mistakes are made replicate a phoenix and rise, after all practice makes perfect, in the end only u can answer if it was worth it, do things for urself, I often wonder if it's a proven statistic women are more incline than men to ask for help, as if it makes them weaker, don't ever stop being a believer or a dreamer, hope and faith are crucial to achieve success, as long as u always try ur best, there's no such thing as failure, let fear be an enabler, instead of a hindrance, life can end in an instant, so make the most of it, shouldn't let an invisible man in the sky control shit, with free will the power lies in u, we've proven that humans can fly too, we might not have wings, Whitney's voice would lift me to the heaven's when she would sing, while Mariah wrote her own music, she took the adversity in her life and used it, just like Pac that's what I aspire to do, but still want to remain humble and true, fortune and fame's for fools, popularity seems to mean ur cool, I'd rather be known for my talent, being good natured giving a humanitarian that's valiant, respectable and tenable, classically epic and unforgettable, a positive gay icon and role model, a driven hard worker who's soul's uncoddled, got scars on my heart, but never let it break apart, I've learned to be street smart Bart, curious if God molded me a la carte, since I'm so different special and unique, perhaps I simply haven't yet peaked, and need to continue on this journey, unafraid of the grave or gurney, just enjoying the ride, it's ok for guys to cry, vulnerability can be sexy, relationships are definitely messy, but there's nothing more important than love, shouldn't underestimate the healing ability of human interaction/touch kisses and hugs, enough with looking up, we won't find solutions to the rough and tough, without sacrifice and compromise, feeding the next generation disillusionment bullshit and lies, only complicates the situation, attack the impossible without hesitation, breakdown boundaries assumptions and limits, produce products with value and substance not money making gimmicks, take the time to discover ur identity, leave a long lasting legacy, there's no such thing as random coincidence it's all magically meant to be, remember that only u can create and fulfill ur own destiny!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Soulmates Forever

"When in doubt remember my lover
We always look out for one another
In good times or bad
Try to make u happy when ur sad
At the end of the day
I wouldn't want it any other way
Ur my world my all
Let me catch u when u fall
Neither of us are perfect
But our future together's worth it
Have a little hope and faith
I'll help guide u til u find ur way
Don't ever feel afraid
Cuz I'll forever be ur soulmate"

-Joe Conscious 

The Self Sufficient Brilliant Diligent Wordsmith Magician

Life is a yo-yo, imagine if everything was bogo, and what that would do to revenue, animals instinctively know to go to higher ground not for a better view, but for overall safety and survival, I don't consider rap artists today rivals, I have my own lane, not interested in playing the record label game, I'm independent and self sufficient, want my reputation to be wordsmith who's classically brilliant, with a work ethic that's diligent, my rise was like I'm an epic magician, miraculous and fabulous, blasphemous and ravenous, yet no callousness passionless tactlessness or savageness, based on old school emcee style talent and skills, murderous rhyming that slays and kills, metaphorically speaking, never stop dreaming or believing, fuck receding or retreating, my fans are existentially relating connecting and meeting, on a whole other higher level, true hip hop's soul and essence has been disheveled, nothing left but lousy imitators, time wasters and haters, get outta here with ur pop garbage, perhaps I'm too brutally conscious real educated and honest, try to stay humble and modest, cuz slow and steady will get me the farthest, I want more than just 15 minutes, rather my concerts be small and intimate, no lip syncing or Jerry Springering, but plenty of peace signs and middle fingering, cuz that's "the JC Salut" which is my signature sign, if good things take time, then phenomenal shit takes forever, with my love by my side together I'll be better than ever, I'm not sarcastically sassing joking or boasting, look at those wanna bes simply coasting, riding coat tails, then the industry wonders why there's failing record sales, digital plain sucks and exploits, buying cds brought so much joy, with artwork pics and lyrics it was a tangible package, what's happened to activist's inspirational moving music is simply tragic, there's no more uplifting messages with substance or positive fighting spirit, they may listen to songs but don't actually hear it, the booming bumping bass clouds and shrouds the words, we're dooming society by inflicting a stifling curse, the next generation's being numbed and dumbed down, the long lasting effects of which is devastatingly profound, art has sparked revolutions, we need to resist and persist against greed and the corrupt institutions, which paves the way to systemic racism sexism and slavery, the lack of empathetic neighborly united bravery is unsavory, wonder who are next savior will be, cuz we're unable to see we're experiencing dire straits majorly, and in my opinion the catalyst was Trump, the world is still astonished confused and stumped, our country/currency's going down the tubes, people think Americans are arrogant pompous and rude, getting our just deserts and what we deserve, history repeating's meaning is I guess we've never learned!  

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Thursday, September 14, 2017

"Let's Get Ready To Rumble"

Believe me my life ain't easy street, I've faced many failures and defeat, but I don't let it keep me down, try to maintain the opposite of a frown, even if it's to hide the pain, I've always struggled with weight gain, like a yo-yo bouncing back and forth, to boot I'm big boned bald and short, yet I refuse to let superficial shit effect my self-esteem, people still can be so mean, name calling and exclusion, felt unwanted and intruding, incapable of being loved, all I wanted was someone to hug, and tell me it'll be ok, didn't matter if I prayed, followed the rules, stayed in school, pretended to be cool, I was see thru, so transparent almost invisible, my faith had dwindled, and I turned to dope, how do u have hope, when what u want is to escape, why is the world filled with such discrimination prejudice and hate, it's hard to remain focused in the present moment, constantly gaslighted into feeling the need to repent in atonement, trying to help myself, things would be different if I had wealth, money solves problems but is also the root of all evil, the reality is even the regal are feeble, wearing a crown doesn't make u special, nor does winning the lottery or an Olympic medal, it only gives u 15 minutes of fame, I've come to realize life is a game, I no longer wanna participate in, perhaps I'm not properly articulating, which is ironic being a wordsmith, I've got a nerd's wit, making it impossible to reach and relate to the common man, my diet is aptly named the ramen plan, that's the sacrifice I'm willing to make, until I hit my musical break, to finally achieve and live my dream, nothing is ever as it appears to seem, everybody's faking happy and successful, most are envious and resentful, willing to tear u down to lift themselves up, u can't be fulfilled with materialistic stuff, it comes from accomplishment, my talent and skills amaze with astonishment, leaving jaws dropped, since I'm small it's assumed I don't top, constantly underestimated or overlooked, our current president elect has got the whole globe shook, along with giving me high anxiety, many have claimed they admire and are inspired by me, but I'm really a regular person/average Joe, u too have the power u know, to rise and conquer, flourish and prosper, if ur willing to work, ignore the naysayers and jerks that'll continuously hurt, cause u to fumble and stumble, like the wrestling announcer proclaims "let's get ready to rumble", existence is a battle/war, u gotta be hungry for more, don't lay down or roll over, we all carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, but we're never alone, Earth is humanity's home, it's a natural God given inalienable right, sometimes we have to fight, after all good things take time, simply never settle for just fine, altho our bodies may be imprisoned not ur minds, u can't stand still forever or go back in fact we gotta push and look forward to see what'll happen and we find!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Friday, September 8, 2017

Have Hope For Peace Across The Whole Globe

Settling into hibernation mode, cuz I don't want social media to destroy or erode, my relationship which is much too important, to let sneaky hidden agenda manipulative underhanded haters/informants, spread false and fake rumors to get between us, blatantly making up stuff, to try and drive a wedge, so many people are on the edge of the ledge, barely holding on by a thread, wishing they were dead, cuz life lately, has been impossibly discouraging and difficult to put it plainly, there's so much evil in the world, don't think I can survive one more curve ball or hurdle, why can't things finally go my way, feel cursed for being born gay, like I even had a choice, can't let pressure fear or paranoia stifle my voice, but compromise is hard, what's most important heart or smarts, education has lost it's value, we've become robotic slaves worked to the bone cuz we have to, a small percentage is hording all the money, the wealthy are greedy and grubby while the poor are sick and hungry, we're not even guaranteed health insurance, and now earthquakes and hurricanes are becoming a regular common occurrence, our government is overwhelmed and won't help, I guess they expect we must save ourselves, yet they still collect our taxes, thank God celebrities hold telethons and concerts for relief from natural disasters, otherwise we'd be totally and royally screwed, unfortunately there isn't much I can do, I don't have a pot to piss in, at my parent's house is where I'm still living, just like my boyfriend, when will the exploit end, seem to be stuck in a never ending rut, with condescending ignorant morons saying it's cuz I lack luck initiative or guts, like I want to be broke in debt or poor, even breathing has become a chore, since I can't afford medicine, the pharmaceutical industry like oil and water's big benjamins, I predict the stock market's gonna crash, the Fed's already reduced our currency and credit/debit's replaced cash, so it's all just imaginary numbers, better benefits and privileges are given to refugee new comers, we no longer take care of our own, how can u have a private jet yacht and multiple homes, while there are kids or veterans on the street, should the human race accept defeat, there's a huge overpopulation problem, at this point can anybody stop him, u know President electoral college elected Donald Trump, how Hillary didn't win when she won the popular vote has us all stumped, while I'm over here like I wanted Bernie, the state of our democracy dumbfounds and concerns me, sorry to be such a negative Nancy, I could've been less wordy and fancy, but I figure why not, give my upcoming album "Truth Love & Consciousness" a shot, artists have always been historically revolutionary, let's get this country back on track and prove we're ready, to be the great nation we once were, the good times feel like a blur, yet for some reason I have hope, perhaps if we as a people unite to fight we can bring peace to the whole globe!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

PC PG & Family Friendly

Finding true love, has really picked and lifted me up, makes me wanna be a better version, of an older wiser person, I got rid of my JC page, to start a different stage/era/age, not about money numbers or sex, but about portraying my talent skills and art the best, before I barely got any comments likes or shares, which made me super paranoid about who if anyone at all cares, why do I only hear from negative criticism, does anybody anymore lyrically listen, or is Meghan Trainor right about it being "all about the bass", cuz if that's the case, then I'm obviously wasting my time, making pop culture garbage music should be a crime, it's supposed to connect relate and inspire, so kids can dare to dream bigger and higher, I wanna be a rap superstar, not Cypress Hill style tho living large giant house and multiple cars, I'd honestly rather stay humbly modest, and work my damn hardest, to be legendary epic and classic, maybe even help people believe in magic, anything is possible after all, u just gotta answer when u hear the call, learn to tap into that inner strength, it isn't about the length, but the impact u have, does it hold up and last, or just another, one hit wonder, like Lisa Loeb and "Stay", we need to seize opportunity every day, since no one's promised tomorrow, be careful not to get consumed by ego fear regret or sorrow, live in the moment, make sure to pay atonement, if and when u mess up, even failure takes guts, most won't try, sit on the sidelines wondering why with envious pride, jealousy is a biotch, mans being replaced by kiosks, AI is totally taking over, global warming doesn't mean it won't get colder, weather simply becomes much more extreme, how come we're going the opposite way of green, back to coal, letting business sell our collective soul, excessive profit's obnoxious,wake up and get conscious, if money is the root of all evil, don't ignorantly follow the leader off the cliff sheeple, u ain't the Roadrunner or Wiley Coyote, all ya'll haters can't blow me, cuz I have a sexy boyfriend for that, who's forever ever and always got my back, a dynamic duo/team, I'm really trying to be less vulgar profane and obscene, pc PG & family friendly, soccer mom vans aren't as cool as a Bentley, but they get me from point A to B, so tired of struggling financially, yet keep grinding away, changing stereotypes of what it means to be gay, we're not ruining the sanctity of marriage, please don't be disparaged, we will find a way to prosper and succeed, have a lil faith hope and believe, winning a Grammy is probable, hurdling all obstacles like I'm invincible/unstoppable, dedication perseverance and consistency, is the answer to the unsolvable mystery, how did I get here u ask, indulging in a glorious last laugh, I remembered that I have the power within, u can't finish if u don't begin, make a plan and stick with it, shouldn't let others make u feel illegitimate, bullies and nerds eventually switch roles, karma reverses who's in control, and God definitely don't like ugly, so I'll accept that many may run from and shun me, but that's more of a reflection of them, I'm wicked lucky grateful and blessed to have a huge support system of family and friends, there's no need to boast or gloat, I simply realized not to judge cuz we're all pretty much in the same boat!

Peace and 1,

Joe Conscious