Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's Ur Identity Legacy & Destiny

A poem's strength is not in it's length, but if it vividly depicts a journey uve gone or went thru and experienced, is it inspirational or relatable, perhaps a debatable fable or tall tale, some fiction mixed in with non, not meant to deceive or con, but maybe to teach a lesson, it's a blessing to keep people rereading and guessing, each time discovering something new, suspense and mystery are like glue, at least to the eyes, when mistakes are made replicate a phoenix and rise, after all practice makes perfect, in the end only u can answer if it was worth it, do things for urself, I often wonder if it's a proven statistic women are more incline than men to ask for help, as if it makes them weaker, don't ever stop being a believer or a dreamer, hope and faith are crucial to achieve success, as long as u always try ur best, there's no such thing as failure, let fear be an enabler, instead of a hindrance, life can end in an instant, so make the most of it, shouldn't let an invisible man in the sky control shit, with free will the power lies in u, we've proven that humans can fly too, we might not have wings, Whitney's voice would lift me to the heaven's when she would sing, while Mariah wrote her own music, she took the adversity in her life and used it, just like Pac that's what I aspire to do, but still want to remain humble and true, fortune and fame's for fools, popularity seems to mean ur cool, I'd rather be known for my talent, being good natured giving a humanitarian that's valiant, respectable and tenable, classically epic and unforgettable, a positive gay icon and role model, a driven hard worker who's soul's uncoddled, got scars on my heart, but never let it break apart, I've learned to be street smart Bart, curious if God molded me a la carte, since I'm so different special and unique, perhaps I simply haven't yet peaked, and need to continue on this journey, unafraid of the grave or gurney, just enjoying the ride, it's ok for guys to cry, vulnerability can be sexy, relationships are definitely messy, but there's nothing more important than love, shouldn't underestimate the healing ability of human interaction/touch kisses and hugs, enough with looking up, we won't find solutions to the rough and tough, without sacrifice and compromise, feeding the next generation disillusionment bullshit and lies, only complicates the situation, attack the impossible without hesitation, breakdown boundaries assumptions and limits, produce products with value and substance not money making gimmicks, take the time to discover ur identity, leave a long lasting legacy, there's no such thing as random coincidence it's all magically meant to be, remember that only u can create and fulfill ur own destiny!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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