Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Gratefully Graciously & Greatly Treasured

Forgiveness isn't limitless, but should be a litmus, to test one's faith in people, do u agree that good will always triumph over evil, then have hope, I'm hanging on by a single thread of hemp rope, which is about to give out, so sick of life and the constant bout, I really don't know how, to graciously take a bow, when I'm misinterpreted and misunderstood, why did I give too much more than what I took, helping others helps ourselves, overworking and stress are detrimental to our health, forget about drugs, there's healing powers in hugs, I'm wondering like Black Eyed Peas "Where Is The Love", why do we keep looking up, for solutions and answers, I think human beings are cancer, consuming and destroying everything in the wake of it's path, but we underestimate mother nature the cosmos and the divine universe's wrath, we aren't Gods, do u say hi with daps a half hug and a pat on the back or a simple head nod, I guess it depends on the connection, in the gay community friends more than family are a blessing, however I have both, a solid support system not to gloat, that doesn't mean I'm absolved from problems tho, adversity more so than achievement gives us the ability to grow, it's funny how many catch 22s, that appear to be lose lose, wish ya'll could walk a day in my shoes, understand why like Craft macaroni and cheese I got the blues, who's rules are the ones to follow, we're not promised but should still plan for tomorrow, don't live out of fear or with regrets, just at least try ur best, that is all anyone can ask, remove the politically correct disingenuous masks, be who u truly are, whether near or far, time distance nor space, could ever replace or erase, the desire to be with u, even if I'm a masochistic naive ignorant fool, it's my right and choice, sorry if u don't like my singing voice, I'm still gonna express my soul, reach my dreams/goals, with or without a partner, am I a flower or a gardener, not selfish but definitely self centered, I've never been guided or mentored, about how to be gay or a sustainable independent artist, it's almost impossible to sell urself when ur humble and modest, I wanna stay level headed and grounded, the pavement ahead of me has been pounded, while still having a day job to pay bills, celebrity today isn't about talent or skills, it's sheer popularity, I don't need to rely on gimmicks a sexy image or vulgarities, I fantasize about going on tour, my songs may be a lil wordy deep intense and long but I guarantee ur not bored, I'm spreading truth love and consciousness, censorship is feeding the obnoxiousness, fuck dumbing down, I wanna be inspirational classic and profound, I hate pop hip hop, a lack of lyrical content needs to stop, who cares about the beat, and if it makes u dance or at least tap ur feet, what are u trying to accomplish and say, do u have meaning or a reason, give something to passionately believe in evoking chilling hair raising goose bump producing feeling, I'm kneeling praying, dealing with the world changing, for worse or for better, being cursed hurts but we can weather the storms together, u define happiness and how success is measured, existence itself should gratefully and graciously be greatly treasured!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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