Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Song's Wrong Deadlines Come & Gone

It's hard to have all this passion, while others ride coattails without taking action, I've given u weeks that turned to months into years, spent all this money yet u won't follow thru is my biggest fear, what am I supposed to do now, I can't contemplate nor understand how, the deadline has come and gone, the final versions are still wrong, uve taken no time upon urself, I've always been there to help, which I like, and I don't want to fight, but this is ridiculous, most producers are hypocrites, wanna charge an arm and a leg upfront, then they get lazy when we're approaching being done, I'm about to lose my patience, I'm waiting growing ancient and anxious, I have no more recourse, and I don't want my songs to be rushed or forced, but u dilly dallied far too long, u haven't 100% completed one song, I don't think I'm being unreasonable, ur effort's negligible and treasonable, not trying to be a jerk, just do the fucking work, like u promised, if I'm being honest, perhaps u should master faster, ur pace is slower than Scooby Do and Shaggy trying to capture Casper, otherwise I'm screwed, this is mental and spiritual abuse, I'm tired and fed up, got nothing but love, I'm sorry tho enough is enough, all our lives are busy and tough, we have a verbal agreement and written contract, I shouldn't have to find another producer to credit for the skills u lack, it's basically too late, I need a miracle or to at least catch a break, my temper is on the rise, no matter how many tears I've cried, I don't feel better, thought we were so good together, yet I'm so stressed, I'm a hot mess, misdirecting my annoyance and frustration, close but not yet to the point of summation, very aggravated and pissed, I want my album to be on adults and kids' wish lists, I question if it'll be ready for the holiday season, what is the meaning and cosmic reasoning, for having to deal with this crap, can't start from scratch, there's no rewind or redo, hope has pulled me thru, tho my faith is fading, my energy level's waning, I gotta stay strong, keep holding on, just like my lyrics say, this is not only for me but for each and every gay, and altho yes I am also white, let me be a guiding shining light, spreading some truth and consciousness, eradicating the toxic pop hip hop obnoxiousness, bringing back that old school style rap, bridge that mile high wild gap, making music refreshingly new and cool, commercially appealing chart topping epic ground breaking classics that rule, nobody can do what I do, I'm not being cocky it's simply true, exposing the tools and fools, refusing to do battles or duels, cuz I'm not about bashing and minimizing others, this is for everyone the fathers mothers sisters and brothers!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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