Friday, October 6, 2017

Tongue Twisting Rhymes Killing Time

Thru good times and bad, when ur happy or sad, music is the answer, whether ur a rapper singer songwriter or dancer, it's a universal language, whether inspiring positivity or inciting anguish, it connects people, love always triumphs over hate and evil, wake up and get conscious, a lack of lyricism is toxic and obnoxious, where's common sense and logic, when curve balls fly at ur face u gotta duck dive or dodge it, obstacles and hurdles means u need to jump, no one could've predicted a reality tv star President Trump, but hey that's what we got, whether we like it or not, sorry to get political, perhaps ud rather have Tom Riddle, in other words Voldemort, feel trapped in a windowless room with a bolted door, is Earth really hell, with all the atrocity and pain it's hard to tell, even worse than finding meaning and purpose, in the situations and circumstances that hurt us, especially our collective soul, as humans there's so much we don't know, we can't yield the power of the Gods, why in business do we lead with our minds and not our hearts, money is the root of what, believing achieving/fulfilling ur dreams takes passion drive and guts, can u muster the motivation or strength, to actually go the distance or length, or will u lay down and roll over, not everyone can handle the weight of the world on their shoulders, I'm not doing this selfishly for me, it's for the existential "we", I'm super seriously deep, thought provoking uncensored banishing ennui, listen as I'm killing time, with very clever vocabulary and tongue twisting rhymes, that'll make u think yet bob ur head, I'll sleep when I'm dead, cuz Nas said they're cousins, all of a sudden with a push of a button, dozens of gluttons, face Death's naturally punishing summons, and like Pac I'm wondering "how long will they mourn", uve been warned scorned and torn, since we've been born, how dare u surgically alter or morph to adorn, we're all beautifully special in the Lord's eyes, relationships are about communication and compromise, while life and existence is complicated finding equilibrium or balance, striving for perfection is noble and valiant, but it's like the horizon line receding as it's approached, wish there was some sort of instruction manual self help book or coach, cuz I'm still so lost and confused, can't watch anymore negative news, it's subliminal mental abuse, are we destined to lose, my perception's the truth is just a ruse, adversity and conflict seems to be my muse, waiting for the other ball or shoe to drop, maybe dooms day's destruction inevitably can't be stopped, what is our legacy, being classic's defined by longevity, epicness by brevity, where is our integrity, do u too excessively use alcohol and pot as stress therapy, we have a propensity for complexity codependency and supremacy, inherently infectiously incessantly inflexibly desperately and contemptuously have heredity a necessity/tendency/expectancy, for jealousy obscenity weaponry hegemony and inequity over empathy heavenly ecstasy revelry and transcendency!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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