Friday, January 12, 2018

Had It With The Ignorant Unempatheitc Non-Compassionate Racket

Please let's not pretend, Trump's slogan should be "make America white again", trying hard not to get discouraged, but my soul is being undernourished, life isn't fair, and I know nobody cares, cuz we're all egocentric and selfish, this RI bubble is hellish, stuck in the same rut practically my whole existence, no matter the amount of consistent persistence, I wind up right back where I started, my dreams destroyed crushed and thwarted, turning me cold-hearted, apparently I'm outsmarted, by the universe, and it hurts, do any of u ever just wanna give up, cuz sometimes love just ain't enough, nor is having a job, when will the financial obligations stop, it's not like my generation will ever get to retire, the age of social security gets pushed higher and higher, by the time it's my turn there'll be nothing left, of course I'm upset, I've been duped and used, psychologically lied to and abused, taken for granted, I can't understand it, how the rich can sleep at night, the working poor need to rise revolutionize and fight, I've fucking had it, tired of this ignorant unempathetic non-compassionate racket, I'm not a person but a slave, totally ostracized and depraved, victim of a system that's stolen and raped, thru the legal means of taxes, the shit that comes out of politician's mouths/asses, is worse than diarrhea from laxatives, and that blatant crap's fed to the masses, while we're told to be pc smile politely and use a fork and knife, suck up the pain plight and strife, I'm not special, u want a cookie some cheese with that wine or a gold medal, since u suffer the most, ur just trash gutter and gross, completely worthless and disgusting, ya'll really think the Donald is someone genuinely to trust in, he represents our once great nation, spewing sexism racism hatred and other form of discrimination, but the deplorables are such gullible fools, they're duped into being useful tools, lacking common sense or a basic education, we should be defined by more than the superficial or reputation, as well as a stupid bank account amount, we warrant existential change that's profound, before it gets too late, is a repetition of dooms day our fate, I thought good triumphing over evil was karmic destiny, who's more legendary, God Jesus or the Devil, now is not the time to joyously revel, we better wake up and pay attention, before the three days of darkness's inception, where our only protection is the grace of faith, why do so many procrastinate and wait, expecting someone else, to come along and save us or help, man made pollution is causing the ice caps to melt, but I guess we don't care about mother nature's health, she's dispensable, what we as a society are doing is repulsively reprehensible!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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