Monday, January 22, 2018

Remember Never Say Never Ever

Moving on isn't a piece of cake, I refuse to let our love turn to hate, but we can't get past our resentment and anger, how can we go from best friends to strangers, I miss him so much, his energy and touch, he had such a presence, I wanted reciprocity not equality or vengeance, I needed him to step up, was intimately neglected  not getting enough, plus his attitude was rude, never understood the magnitude of abuse, whether intentional or not, I gave what I got, which was sarcasm and sass, I thought we'd forever ever and always last, guess I was wrong, don't wanna put it in another song, and be reminded of the pain constantly, why did u criticize and complain obnoxiously, like u couldn't focus on urself, ur not less of a man admitting u need help, communication is key, why would u never make a decision or take the lead, I thought u were the alpha dom top, but u weren't into bondage a lot, altho ur feet were perfect, for me vanilla sex isn't fulfilling or worth it, I thought I made myself clear, we apparently weren't a complimenting opposite pair, it seems we were a lil off, u preferred texting over talk, I was making all the effort, hoping we can retether what's been severed, but that involves forgiveness, the ability to diminish the vicious maliciousness, and take responsibility for our respective parts, I though we were connected by souls and hearts, my mind is a mess, life's too intense of a test, I just can't handle being overwhelmed right now, sorry not sorry I need to be milked like a cow, oink oink baby I'm a pig, can u keep ur cool at a gig, or will u go ape shit on some poor unsuspecting fan, I swear God chuckles when we plan, a powerless man, control is a sham, life is but an illusion, mixed messages are confusing, the ball was in ur court, I despise the endless back and forth, we're running out of time, if I'm urs and ur mine, then we shouldn't publicize single, I'd prefer to not have to get back out there date and mingle, but I can't keep going down this one way street, the future looks bleak, and I'm more lost than ever, altho we've both posted it's over for good...never say never!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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