Monday, January 8, 2018

The Same Old Same Old Nothing But Suffering

I hate being right when I'm being cynical, why is discrimination and abuse cyclical, I'm trying to do what Oprah says, be better and my best, it isn't always easy, especially when others are plain greedy and sleazy, the responsibility is the collective ours, we don't have infinite hours, everything has limits, enough with manipulative gimmicks, just speak the truth, let's give more power to the voices of our youth, instead of the same old same old, be brave and bold, try something new and different, give people the benefit of the doubt of being innocent, when they show u who they are tho believe them, don't fall for their bs again, give em an inch they'll take a mile, try to simply sit and smile for a lil while, let ur mind go blank and meditate, my brain definitely needs a break, over thinking and working, too much empathy leads to extreme hurting, I feel too much, need to not be stuck in this rut, where's my opportunity and chance, I rap and sing I don't dance, that shouldn't minimize my talents, I write poetry to maintain some semblance of balance, I'm tired of doing the John Mayer and "waiting on the world to change", excited for the sequel to Dr. Strange, it was very thought provoking conscious and existential, how do we inspire others to at least try to achieve their potential, personally I'm about to give up, I'm running out of compassion hope faith and love, and quite frankly that's sad, why aren't the 99% more mad, we desperately need redistribution of wealth, being a poor slave is detrimental to my health, I shouldn't have to work 2 or 3 jobs, yet still feel like I'm getting robbed, the level of debt seems insurmountable, why aren't Congress Wall Street and Corporations held accountable, like they're above the law, we somehow got corrupted at our foundational core, maybe it's not just money that's at the root of all evil, having to start over makes me feel inept and feeble, what's this now the 6th time, and I'm only 35, yet I can never surpass the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder, perhaps I am insignificant and don't matter, I realize suicide isn't the answer, won't wish for Aids either or cancer, I believe in the power of manifest destiny, maybe my hip hop music success isn't meant to be, but then what's the point to my life, excessive pain plight and strife, I'm totally appreciative and grateful, but I'm beginning to become envious and hateful, cuz everyone else seems to have figured it out, every singe fucking day is another miserable bout, I can't find joy in boredom or the nothing, please please please God help me find peace and end this suffering!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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