Friday, February 2, 2018

Art Inspired By My Proverbial Teardrop/Needle

I have many parts to my heart, some belong to just me while others I share thru art, but that's only one lil piece, a teardrop lost in a sea, don't take shit out of context, sometimes I miss the mark and don't jest my best, my sarcasticness comes off all wrong, everything in life inspires poems and songs, but I need to learn when to use my mouth, better pick my bouts, gotta shut up, cuz my gut simply doesn't give 2 fucks, what other people think, this violet doesn't shrivel or shrink, sorry not sorry ur life stinks, I'm jealous of those who can wink, and have a nice head of hair, let's play strip truth or dare, get to really know each other, we can be best friends and lovers, tell our deepest darkest fantasies secrets and crazy dreams, I wanna find my other half to complete our team, existence is much more difficult alone, I grew up in an amazing home, both parents a sister and a huge extended family, why do ya'll act manipulative and underhandedly, even if u get what u want u didn't earn it, haven't u figured it out yet there's no such thing as balanced or perfect, it's a motivational illusion like religion, I feel like Earth is a complex prison system, trapped like our conscious soul is to our body, what happened to the good old fashioned keg party, the internet's made everyone antisocial, I can't help it I'm overemotional, super deep analytical and a lil prophetically profound, I'm relatable, ready willing able and capable, to become an epic classic legendary fairy-tail/fable, it takes work to stay mentally stable and financially sustainable, existence isn't cheap, when u sow u reap, that's why hindsight's a bitch, do u ever have an impossible to scratch itch, where u just can't reach, some things u can't teach and shouldn't preach, certain experiences need to be had, to truly understand a lesson or reason why good or bad, we may have free will but not total control, what's worse drinking and smoking cigs versus a blunt bong rips or a few bowls, marijuana isn't evil sheeple, will u prove urselves to be weak gullible and feeble, the US is a haystack Kevin was a needle, maybe time passing will help to heal, they do say to let love go and see if it comes back, perhaps we've had too tumultuous of a past, I thought our relationship together would forever last, but situations and paths change fast, before we know it we're headed in completely different directions, u can't save me by overprotecting, even tho I'm sad and hope it isn't over, finally breaking apart peacefully is a relief/weight off my shoulders!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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