Friday, February 23, 2018

The Future's Balance Hangs On Change

How do I get the public's attention, is there something I'm failing to mention, give me a topic to talk about, otherwise I don't know how, I can manage to get my numbers up, I try to spread truth consciousness and love, why not have a successful gay white rapper singer songwriter, I'm also and lgbtq activist and an equality fighter, trying to be a revolutionary leader, totally original not a copycat artist gimmicky lip-syncy lyrical stealer, some people have proclaimed me a poetic genius/word nerd, a lack of sales and applause hurts worse, then just saying u simply don't like rap, but have a listen first at least cuz I don't like whack crap, I've got a real knack and actual talent, I'm a genuine gentleman/nice polite scholar that's valiant, kind courteous moral compassionate and empathetic, I hate uncompetitive rhetoric, what's the moral or message to ur song, I want my music to be timelessly classic and emotionally strong, debatable and relatable, I'm relocatable elastic and amiable, breaking boundaries down, prophetically sarcastic sassy witty and profound, uncensored unedited unfiltered and loud, a masculine homo bro not so average Joe unafraid to be brave and bout, I stand up for what's right, I try to shine my light bright, so the whole world can see, let it help guide ya'll to me, even the rejected wallflowers and the ostracized outcasts, I'm building a virtuous righteous legacy that somehow sustains and lasts, it's not about my sexuality or color of my skin, let's all treat each other like mothers fathers sisters and brothers or kin, teach the next generation, to defeat hatred and discrimination, make sure they learn history, the truth shouldn't be an unsolvable mystery, speak ur heart ur soul and ur mind, explore different destinations and cultures to see what u find, fuck social media and photographs, stop hiding behind screens and those masks, be proud of who u are, don't get consumed by money having big houses and a fancy car, there's way more to life than material possessions, let fulfillment and true happiness be ur obsessions, quit the drugs and violence, don't be complicit with ur silence, go after the dreams u believe in, if u put ur mind to it and try u can achieve em, have hope and faith, manage being extremely aggressive or too passive u over wait, health is about diet and exercise, is it better to be scholastically or street wise, why not both, our character is dependent upon how we adapt and cope, u shouldn't make decisions based on fear, imagine if I could share a real live care bear stare, shooting rays of love from my belly to defeat evil, sheeple are feeble, at some point u have to determine and decide a side, stick to ur guns and enjoy the ride, I'm not talking about ammunitioned arms, live by the golden rule and do no harm, I may be dropping bombs, heed my warnings I'm sounding the alarms, we need to awaken and change, retract our animalistic claws and fangs, having the power is overwhelming and strange, but it's time to rely on individual action cuz that's where the future's balance hangs!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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