Friday, March 30, 2018

Death Makes Me An Emotional Wreck

Of course hell exists, we're living in it, if ya'll actually analyze life, it ain't nothing but pain atrocity tragedy and strife, we all wind up dead, but true extinction is when we forget, we live on thru the minds and hearts of others, how can u be billionaires be greedy while the 98% suffers, lying and cheating, is one degree lower than killing and stealing, get what u want by hard work, don't be a smart jerk, it's still wrong even if u didn't get caught, our soul's priceless and should never be bought, stand up for what u believe in, look at the results ur yielding, but u determine what success is, shouldn't strive for perfection or to be the bestest, I'm ok with above average, my life isn't less valuable cuz I didn't have kids or a marriage, I know I am worthy, both God and the universe have burned me, but I'm still here, I refuse to be ruled by fear, it isn't easy trying to stay positive, negativity like sexuality shouldn't be closeted, nobody is happy all the time, stop saying ur fine, especially if ur not, gotta give ur passion everything uve got, or else dreams won't come true, put urself in someone else's shoes, before u criticize or judge, life's way too short to hold a grudge, love is stronger than hate, do u think there's free will or a predestined fate, that answer decides who holds the power, what do u want to accomplish before ur final hours, there isn't enough emphasis on developing a legacy, do u want to be kept alive artificially/medically, cremated or buried, did school actually help get u adult ready, lately I've been all over the place, must remember life is a journey not a race, don't compare urself to ur peers, there's no better high than tons of applause compliments and cheers, u can't recapture ur youth, ur not helping hiding the truth, remain genuine open and honest, it's overwhelming being an indy artist, money is the biggest issue, I woke up this morning needing a tissue, cuz I kept dreaming about Jeff, I'm such an emotional mess, but I'll cherish the fond memories, refrain from making enemies, by simply doing the right thing, never give up and let the fight win, find some inner peace, strive to go farther than u can reach, "Beyond The Stars", are women really from Venus and men from Mars, it's kind of logical, we need to pick better role models, fuck Trump, Bernie should've won, now we're extremely divided, how have we become so numb and misguided, forgetting to learn from our past history, humanity's survival is very much a mystery, with nuclear weapons galore, I never understood the allure of war, what does it solve, why can't we existentially elevate and evolve, enough is enough already people, please don't let the whole globe get destroyed and corrupted by evil!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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