Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Forever Ever & Always Bubba

I know we fight an awful lot
But I give u all the light I've got
When ur lost in the dark
Follow the beating of  my bleeding heart
We're connected at the soul
Without u there's a huge hole
And I feel so incomplete
Losing u means I must accept defeat
My life ain't the same unless ur in it
Our relationship status is no one else's business
Please let's just forgive each other
Go back to when we were unconditional lovers
I need u in my life
To help deaql with the endless pain and strife
I trust u completely
Let's share the responsibility equally
Neither one of us are perfect
However we are absolutely both worth it
Maybe on day our situation will change
But I will still love u bubba forever ever and always

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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