Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Stop Waiting On The Other Shoe To Drop

Accidents happen, but is God up there laughing, cuz I feel like he's a sadistic prick, an outright asshole/dick, there are so many flaws in creation, him and I need mediation, we've got issues, it's always neglect or abuse, who's the Gemini here, death provokes extreme fear, I'm tired of the universe fucking with me, work's life sucking ain't free, in fact I make out in the deal, but I swear taxes are imposed to legally steal, our government is so fucked up and corrupt, citizens are about to erupt, they no longer serve the people, while our president is the very definition of evil, a ruthless business man, every election I'm like "what is this sham", it's not even about the popular vote, runs our country like it's a reality tv show, quite frankly I'm disgusted, Amazon and Walmart are even invading the rural and rustic, technology's making humanity obsolete, black folks still can't really trust cops and police, there's so much systemic racism discrimination and prejudice, sometimes sheer existence seems incredulous, too many unanswerable questions, how can atrocity be perceived as a blessing, rock bottom sucks, what if ur consistently down on ur luck, stuck in rut, and got the awful feeling in ur gut, just waiting for the other shoe to drop, can this curse be stopped, is the point of life to die, do I even believe in an invisible man in the sky, who was magically able to resurrect and rise, could miraculously turn water into wine, but also heals and cleanses, empathy's about seeing things from other perspectives and lenses, open ur mind's eye, of course we can all fly, there's Southwest Delta and United, perhaps tragedy is needed for a spark or flame to be ignited, light inevitably conquers darkness, don't sell ur soul or become numb and heartless, like Mariah sings "gotta keep the faith", "and love will be there to guide the way", having hope is the key, shouldn't focus on how long is eternity, ull simply stress urself out, be brave bout and don't be afraid to help shout, our collective voice is super strong, in time history will tell what was virtuously righteous and true or wrong, it is pretty much common sense, it's ok to make mistakes fail and fall if u take responsibility learn and repent, sorrow and forgiveness are important, we all need a support system and reinforcements, "we get by with a little help from our friends", be sure to respect elders and ur rents, they are full of wisdom, Earth is our kingdom, like our bodies are temples we must take care of them, tho I often wonder if we are born again, reincarnated and recycled, some say my generation is spoiled and entitled, whatever our future holds, always try ur best to achieve dreams and goals but enjoy the journey as it unfolds!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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