Thursday, March 8, 2018

Way Gay Certified & Nerdified Rap God

Could God stop his silent treatment and just tell me what to do, why so much atrocity pain and suffering we all go thru, maybe instead of resting on the 7th day he should've spent that on compassion, if he exists when will he take some action, seems evil has conquered good, and just when u think we're out of the woods, something else bad happens, do u think the Lord's looking down on us laughing, enjoying watching us squirm, repeat history cyclically cuz we never learn, does He really expect us to pray and pay homage, I swear Earth is a prison and bodies are our soul's bondage, we're simply trapped, "footprints in the sand" implies He's got our back, we're supposed to believe in faith, how is our destiny truly made, free will or divine intervention, heaven hell purgatory or reincarnation weren't mentioned, what's after death, bright white lights angels loved ones or a deep dark quiet black nothingness, there's exponential answers aloof to humanity, why is rap all about misogyny ghetto gangster mentality and profanity, can't artists mature grow elevate evolve and get wise, stop with the gimmicky tricky lies and image/reputation compromise, be yourself, knowing ur strong suit skills and what u want helps, dreams can turn to reality, if u don't let hope tragically      become a casualty, let ur passions thrive, living isn't just being alive, take chances and risks, gotta get ur head out of the sand mind out the gutter and ur feelings out the abyss, quit it with the shameful embarrassed repression, getting a job can lift u out that depression, so ur not bored all the damn time, I don't agree with the saying it pays to be kind, actually assholes make more, like drug dealers and whores, when looking in the mirror what do u see, a reflection of someone ur proud to be, totally independent and free, unconsumed by fame and greed, or is ur smile not as genuine as it may seem, I'm too competitively stubborn to accept defeat, unfortunately failure is common, could u survive on pb&j sandwiches mac and cheese beer and ramen, take a trip down memory lane at college, what's more important street smarts or book knowledge, can we have it all, am I glutton for punishment getting up again and again after I fall, a masochist who self sabotages, I give fab massages, altho I never got licensed or certified, when did cool become gay or nerdified, I have trouble with the idea that every day is blessing, even religious extremists are messing I'm guessing, if they say their perfect, do ya'll think the elderly handicapped or poor are worth it, how bout we're all equal, do u too get annoyed by sheeple, where are the revolutionary leaders, or the sooth sayers fortune tellers and seers, can they exist, the universe took a huge shift, but in the opposite wrong direction, perhaps we're a cancerous infection, destroying everything in our path, it sucks to be a lovey dovey romantic chivalrous nice guy who always finishes last!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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