Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Masculine Valiant Queer's Here

All signs are indicating move, it's been forever since I've been awed or wooed, everybody is the same, so very boring and lame, constantly bitch and complain, but do nothing to change, they expect the world to, sorry not sorry don't like girly dudes, masculine here, a valiant queer, who says chivalry is dead, most don't use their head, and have absolutely no common sense, can u tell me where the time went, seems like yesterday I came back, shouldn't say I hate that, but honestly it was the wrong decision, Rhode Island is a prison, I mainly keep to myself, refuse to ask for help, avoiding certain people, can't focus on the political evil, it's everywhere, and very clear, these are reminiscent of the dark ages, I'm in grieving's final stages, after being FB dumped, dealing with President Trump, fighting with my dad, being used and treated bad, by every single job I've ever had, makes me so fucking mad, I'm tired of being taken advantage of, I no longer believe in relationships gay marriage or true love, I've give up, I have no luck, life sucks, super unfair and unjust, I swear Hell is right here on Earth, lost my value and worth, what's the point, spark a blunt or joint, and melt my consciousness away, it's frustratingly obnoxious being gay, bottom of the barrel sub-par human/second class citizen, no one has empathy or listens, we're collectively selfish, can't all be rockstars like Elvis, or crazy long legacies like Pac, wish I was big and built like The Rock, with adoring fans, I really can't understand, how do u become a celebrity, is it only hereditary, I feel excluded, Mother Nature's been polluted, and we won't take any responsibility or blame, I want both fortune and fame, to show young lgbtq, that we can too, break down barriers stereotypes and stupid rules, u won't catch me wearing tiaras or flashy jewels, I'm very humble and modest, genuine and honest, looking for respect, authorities no longer serve nor protect, he was the electoral college elect, not by the general population, we're barely hanging on to democracy's conservation, waiting on a second civil war as well as World War 3, America isn't the home of the brave nor the land of the free, we've more than lost our way, our soul's the price we paid, now we're the global laughing stock, I'm hopeful magic's unlocked, so we can find balance within the force, the window of opportunity is quite short, let's be better, we can accomplish the impossible if we work together!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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