Friday, July 20, 2018

Are Ya'll Prepared To Be Wowed Right Now

Not every day has to be about social justice, when it comes to life I feel the need to crush this, I put way too much pressure on myself, when we die we can't take our wealth, so why does how much we accumulate matter, if ur wallet's fatter does that make u happier, or simply less stressed, u don't have to be the best, especially at everything, I readily admit I rap better than I sing, and I'm totally ok with that, don't talk about it behind my back, say it to my face, u fucking waste of a disgrace, I hate flakes and fakes, be a genuine gentleman, I don't care if u did meth or heroine, shit congrats, I'm very mellow nonjudgmental chill and relaxed, look how far uve come instead, don't live as tho ur already dead, enjoy existence more, figure out what ur here for, or ur meaning and purpose, I find I learn more from the things that hurt us, I truly believe it all happens for a reason, people are like seasons, relationships change, best friends become estranged, time space and fate always seem to get in the way, I try not to play victim cuz I'm gay, another white boy appropriating rap, hip hop straight up dumb/whack, I ain't no ghetto gangsta black daddy mack, criticize my talent not who or what I do in the sack, this isn't an attack, I'm trying to fill in where ya'll lack, an original one of kind, a vocabularian mind that loves to rhyme, making u think and feel, u can connect and relate cuz what I'm saying is real, I'm baring both my heart and soul, winning a Grammy and selling out stadiums is my ultimate goal, and I know it's quite lofty, ya'll can snicker and scoff at me, all u want, but expect the middle finger boasting and watch me flaunt, an ear to ear smile, maturity and graceful tact just isn't my style, I'm a condescending sarcastic prick, and can be a big dick, when taken advantage of, u got pacific or atlantic love, I'm torn between the 2, still don't know what I'm gonna do, it depends of if this job becomes perm, waiting's making me squirm like a worm, some say Chicago or bust, moving and starting all over again take cajones strength and guts, but I gotta get out of this depressive rut, test my skills perseverance and luck, it's now or never baby, stop with the ifs ands buts or maybes, make a plan and follow thru, please don't look back with regret too, seize control of this moment right now, perhaps someday ya'll will read my poetry or hear my music in utter awe jaw dropped mind blown and incredibly wowed!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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