Thursday, July 19, 2018

Screw Only America Let's M.E.G.A

Muslims are people too, just like me and u, but they've been demonized lately, discriminated against hatefully, especially after 9/11, to be in the military u don't have to believe in heaven, we fight for freedom of religion, yes there's free speech but not mandatory listening, we think the philosophy of the west is best, I remember back in basic training wondering what will happen next, Afghanistan or Iraq, being deployed was 100% fact, America is made up of shades ranging from white to black, the hardest part was coming back, perspectives change after fighting in war, soldiers aren't above the law, we too struggle fitting in, especially in the beginning, to see or hear injustice but not acting, turn the other cheek as a black man's beat and sexist or homophobic laughing, does the duty to serve and protect ever die, this administration's refugee policy's got me questioning why, this country was built on immigrants, slaughtering natives who were innocents, was one of the worst atrocities in history, finding peace is the most infamous unsolved mystery, it's like the horizon line receding as we approach, I'd imagine a drill sergeant to be very much like my soccer coach, screaming push thru dig deep and no excuses, when one uses nuclear and chemical warfare everybody loses, think back to Hiroshima's destruction, we can't afford democracy's abduction, racial profiling all Muslims as terrorists is disgusting, women wearing hijabs causes major mistrusting, when all u see are eyes, imagine men walking around in a ski mask disguise, in their culture homosexuality is punishable by death, women are so oppressed do they have to ask permission for breath, it's like only pockets of the whole globe evolved, international problems need to be solved, we gotta work together, to make this planet sustainably better, don't fall for presumptuous ignorant stereotypes, it was awkward training our Arab allies how to fight, especially when they look just like our enemy, when u fear for ur own life it's almost impossible to exhibit empathy, u can literally walk in someone else's shoes, but u can't help or save others if they too don't choose, to change takes awareness and conscious effort, the vicious victim blaming chain or cycle needs to be broken and severed, but they gotta do it for themselves, sometimes u must experience rock bottom and the multi levels of hells, to appreciate the fact that we all go thru it, it's about not just talking but actually doing shit, lead by example, let's not let differences prevail and trample, succumbing to divisiveness, this poem is not some gay white privileged diatribe of righteousness, I'm speaking my truth, we need to keep teaching the youth, cuz the future depends on them, aren't ya'll tired of repeating mistakes again and again and again, the only way for humanity to win, is when equality isn't dependent upon sex faith or the color of our skin, we can't pray away hate, let's existentially grow elevate and edit our collective fate, before it becomes way too late, screw only America let's make Earth great!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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