Friday, September 10, 2010

Funkified Version Of "Bridge The Gap"

What's the deal everybody? I went back into the home studio of Adam Pfeffer and we re-worked our "Bridge The Gap" track and created a more funkified version. Check it out on my music myspace page (link to the right)!

I also decided that I am going to purchase the 2 beats I wrote lyrics to over Labor Day weekend.

COMING SOON ... "Beacon of Light" and "Try" by Joe Conscious

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Capella Songs Up On My Music Myspace

Just wanted to let everybody know I put up the 5 new a capella country rock style songs on my music myspace page. Please please please go and check them out and let me know which ones are your favorites. Remember just to keep in mind those are just demo versions. In fact I am going to the studio tonight and will be re-recording a bunch of tracks to infuse more of a live more assertive tone in my presentation.

Just as a lil side note ... I have been working with a couple of beats and I have 2 concept hip hop/rap songs in the works "Beacon of Light" and "Try".

I will be persistently going out and performing the next couple of months here in San Diego trying to sell cds and create a bigger fanbase as well as some money which will help me gage if a northwest tour/roadtrip would actually be semi-successful and practical.

If everybody I know told 1 person they know about me and they retroactively did the same I would be famous in waaaaay less than a year. I'm not looking to be a mega rich superstar but I do want to help influence, inspire, and help people through my words.

Much luv!

Peace and 1

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Live Performance At Winstons 9/6/10

Check out my performance of "Believe In Me" and "Knowledge, Wisdom & Revelations" at specifically from 48:38 - 54:30. See the link to the right.