Monday, October 22, 2012

Not A Monopoly Economy

Now officially a San Fran man
From the lack of having a tan
U can easily see
No longer living by the beach
Instead im a bay gay
But ive come such a long way
And have grown considerably
Literally my coping ability
Sky rocketed
To where im dry socketed
Take my experiences mistakes and use abuse as topics
Let my mind’s eye go blind as I rhyme hot hits
Drop deuces and shits
While I wile a wild style called stream of consciousness
Genuinely relate through both love and hate
Whether feeling great joy or frustratingly irate
I try and take time to reminisce
All of the happiness and bliss
The small simple things I already have and exist
Perhaps introspection and reflection
Will broaden yours and mine’s horizon lines and perceptions
We create our own worst enemies through deception
Even lie to ourselves
Becoming too prideful for failure or help
By looking up and out instead of within
We’re committing the ultimate sin
Life and the economy aren’t a game of monopoly to win
Besides if u really stop and think
The end result’s everyone’s extinct
With all the checks and balances set in place
A single person hasn’t the talents nor resources it takes
Eventually mother nature runs her course
Uses brute force with no apologies or remorse
Where’s the righteous accountability and virtuous morality
Just look at congress’ benefits and salaries
It’s sickening and disgusting
How they’re repeatedly deceivingly filibustering
A record low number of bills have been passed
Obama should give them a lil kick in the ass
By paying them based on performance
The savings surmounted would be ginormous
We'd all benefit from cutting the deficit
But can the president fire an elected
I would feel better protected
From the greedy politicians seemingly self invested
Let’s redistribute the wealth
Focus on sustainability and public health
Equalize the tax code
So there's no loop holes
Still find it dumbfounding and obscene
Earth isn’t more globally green
We need to figure out how to wean the fiend
Get humanity clean of oil and gasoline
Even the notion of money is funny and absurd
It’s only a piece of paper … we give it value and worth
When three days of darkness arrives
The reliance on technological luxuries will be our demise
Which I surmise will forever change our lives
Recessing and depressing us back to ancient times

Peace and 1,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Please Reelect Obama

Becoming complacent,
With inflation degrading this nation,
Congress in my opinion is failing,
Ultimately just bailing,
Shunning and it's stunning,
They're taking their money and running,
It's not the president’s fault,
The recession won’t halt,
Took eight years to get into this mess,
Should take that long to fix I’d guess,
That’s beyond our control though,
I’m too busy focusing on saving my own soul,
Trying to stay financially afloat,
But there’s a hole in my pocket/boat,
I just can’t seem to get ahead,
Feel I’ll probably forever be in debt,
Even after I’m dead,
What if I fled,
Just up and leave the states,
Especially now after the debates,
It appears people think Romney,
And republican policy,
Are better for the economy,
Which really bothers me,
Forget what that means for our civil rights,
I’m having many sleepless nights,
Worrying if I have to go back in the closet,
Or what I can do to stop it,
When I’m just one person,
Who definitely needs some reassuring,
Things will eventually get better,
Like San Fran’s weather,
There’s good and bad days,
Sunshine sometimes rain or a foggy haze,
Either way I pray we’ll be ok,
If I could just be patient quiet and simply obey,
Stop this obsession,
With constant questioning,
Stand in line don’t pine wine,
Or try to free my mind,
By thinking outside the box,
And refrain from following my heart’s,
Inclination towards sucking cocks,
Hopefully I won’t get electro shocked,
Nor locked,
In the looney bin,
Cuz of the mentality homosexuality is a sin,
That can be corrected,
I sincerely dread and fear for my life if Obama isn’t reelected!!!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cd Release Party/Concert Talks Happening

What's the deal everybody?!!?! Last night I went into the city to meet up with Bernadette to talk about a performance we are doing together on Fri night and wound up having other conversations about future JC things like maybe co-hosting some Late Night Bubbles episodes, a bi-weekly queer music concert with local collaborators, and then the highlight which is a cd release party/concert sometime later this month like the 21st or 28th. This is getting more and more exciting with each passing day!!! My dream has come to fruition and now it's up to me how big that dream becomes!!! Please continue to support independent queer music and purchase my album off of iTunes or Amazon!!! And word of mouth advertising is the best and it's FREE!!!!! Please dont hesitate to hit me up with ur favorite tracks and some critiques of what y'all think about the album!!! Did u connect with any particular song??? Share ur stories!!!! Any topics strike a chord??? Let's start a conscious revolution people!!!!! Peace and 1, JC