Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

What is the meaning of thanksgiving
But the time to realize the highs of living
Im just so blessed
My journey has turned out for the best
And it's far from over
I remembered im a roamer
Always going and looking for more
No matter how many times I meet a closed door
I find a window
Cuz I automatically know
There's usually a plethora of options and choices
Blind to the signs the divine may point us
Instead let my heart guide the way
Keep the faith and pray
It will all work out okay
Awake and take each day
As an opportunity or chance
To intentionally exponentially increase my circumstance
Im truly touched
Having family and friends is enough
Try to take the small special moments
As treasures and tokens
Making me smile for a lil while
Helping me thru tribulations and trials
Being in San Fran
Has transformed me into the man
Ive been predestined to be
Every time I breathe
I appreciate the air
Along with the capability to share
Poetic retrospective music
Which ive been infused with
Don't need protection from affection deep connection
Reflection or introspection
Whenever I look back
Im reminded of what I do have
No regret getting me upset
But a courageous heart and a level head
As long as I follow my passion
Take responsibility and accountability for my actions
I can overcome any odds
Fake facades and the fact perfection's a farce
Besides we devise our lives
Compromise with manageable strides
It's up to me to set the standards pars and tone
And to create a happy home to call my own
By continuing being driven and working hard
Eventually I'll achieve all my dreams even if it seems they're far beyond the stars!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious