Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trapped On Planet Purgatory

Been a while since I've written, and now it's time for hats scarves and mittens, cold outside like in my heart, I used to think I was smart, but talent doesn't equate success, going to college made me less, trapped in debt a slave, not working is brave, ya'll succumbed to failed dreams, already paired up into teams, so I lose in both finances and love, making music isn't earning me enough, no one even gives me a chance, let alone lend one of their hands, rich folk no longer invest, earth is planet purgatory an illusion of a fair free willed test, that's why dying makes most blessed, seems existence like perception is just guess, there ain't no right or wrong, who decides what's a good song, u either don't or do, watch out cuz ull get sued, business has no empathy nor compassion, how can 1% flourish while the rest are seriously lacking, what about a maximum wealth or wage, why in 2016 do we still discriminate against women blacks and gays, Trump spreads hate not consciousness, now the alt right control with deplorable indignation and obnoxiousness, people forget quick, repeating history again and again makes me sick, we're supposed to move forward not back, ya'll care about stupid fake bullshit instead of policy positions common sense and facts, but we all suffer the majority's unmoraled miseducation non intelligence without integrity, if u think u can rap sing or songwrite better than me, put ur money where ur mouth is, ull soon find out u don't have the ability to bout this, my skills are a divine gift, hip hop used to inspire and uplift, now it's a bunch of garbage/trash, shocking sex appeal showing off tits dicks and ass, is not the way to make a long lasting successful career, I'm utterly consumed by fear, the entertainment industry has lost its substance and soul, I ultimately don't have a similar agenda or goals, and refuse to play the stereotypical political greedy games, only after the same fortune and fame, I wanna make a real difference and help others, brothers sisters fathers and mothers, cuz we're stronger together, let's unite to fight for the greater good and make the quality of all life better!

Peace and 1,