Tuesday, October 10, 2017

For All The Ostracized & Excluded

Tho it may seem I haven't written anything negative, sharing it is simply no longer imperative, I've decided not to put certain things out in the universe, cuz I'm realizing like sticks and stones words hurt, but I can't deny I feel censored, wish I could be mentored, by Lauryn Mariah or Pac, I hear each and every tick tock, as I get closer to missing my chance, why are singers required to dance, every entertainer has their specialty/niche, talent skills and gifts, all the superfluous tricks gimmicks and shticks, can't fix the raw ability to sing or spit, but yes we can always improve, instead of emulating just do u, sure u can be inspired, but an exact replica isn't required, imitation is apparently the highest form of flattery, but I consider copy catting assault and battery, it's my image and reputation on the line, so I'm gonna take my time, getting my songs as close to perfect as I can, altho I understand I'm just a man, I strive to be my best, after all I define success, fuck record studios and contracts, I don't need ur bank roll or contacts, this is my divine destiny, and I could care less if u believe it's meant to be, cuz I do and that's what matters most, I'm too humble and modest to brag or boast, that's why I need a manager to help, promote and market myself, otherwise I come off as arrogant pompous and cocky, u really think I'm gonna let nay sayers and haters stop me, I don't give up, on my art or finding love, even with bad experiences and epic failure, whether or not u agree I'm hip hop's savior, I deserve and have earned some respect, unlike the President-elect, I pride on being a good person, that's why I continue working, I handle my responsibilities, my dreams aren't wishful thinking they're real possibilities, I'm not looking for fortune or fame/popularity, I seek existential happiness and clarity, fight for truth justice and equality, I'm not a gossipy wannabe progeny, consumed with misogyny hypocrisy bureaucracy autocracy dishonesty or despondency, but an uncommonly consciously prodigy, interested in philosophy and fulfilling my prophecy, most my poetry is insightful thought provoking and seriously deep not comedy, yes sarcastic and sassy, cuz that's me, a Gemini guy, who no longer lives life high, stoned out of my gourd, I don't blame or thank the Lord, I'm no longer religious but spiritual, this emcee isn't about the beat I'm lyrical, don't fear it tho, college educated and still empirical, extremely well rounded, rap music today's confounded, pisses me off, ya'll can laugh snicker or scoff, I don't mind if u can't stand me, my goal is to win that Grammy, and I'm rather quite determined, to eradicate impostors and money hungry vermin, I do this for the joy, and for all those other young white gay boys, who have ever felt ostracized or excluded, please open ur mind's eye and realize that u too can do it!   

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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