Thursday, February 22, 2018

Are We Naive Or Plain Stupid

Ya'll need professional help, if u think we're victimizing ourselves, just to throw our gay agenda in ur face, intolerant religious extremists are a fucking disgrace, it's not even a lil political, actually ur hypocritical, which conservatives say liberals are, ur whole mentality is a farce, incomprehensible and illogical, do u really think Trump is the ideal role model, America is not a business, is anyone else asking what is this, how did we get this far gone, democracy isn't something I'm ready to mourn, I still have hope and faith, that somehow someway things will change, go back to normal, instead of divisiveness we'll be polite and cordial, learn to agree to disagree, go back to being the land of the free, and not just speech, but with the opportunity to strive and reach, dreams can become a reality, as long as belief doesn't become a casualty, the only person u have to prove anything to is u, it isn't what u say but if ur brave enough to do, otherwise ull be filled with regret, always try to give ur best, that's how u measure success, don't hide behind sarcasm and jest, it's not an excuse to be lazy nor complacent, if u wait til ur old and ancient, u might not have the energy or strength, to go the distance or length, and achieve those goals, do u feel fulfilled deep within ur soul, happiness can be found, even after uve failed or fallen down, in fact it's more profound, fuck the amount in ur bank account, it isn't indicative of the true value or worth of life, there's no competition or prize for who has overcome the most pain plight and strife, we all go thru shit, whatever higher power exists seems sadistically abusive, but we must also take responsibility too, for acting a silly fool, mistakes and accidents happen, I don't thing God's looking down laughing, still I can't help but wonder why, the level of awful atrocity and tragedy can't subside, perhaps maybe humanity, is synonymous with insanity/calamity, we never seem to learn, the truth is often hard to discern, even tho history repeats, will capitalism ever meet defeat, no one person should have more than a billion dollars, what happened to revolutionary artists and scholars, our government's been corrupted, like a volcano evil has erupted, guess good finally lost, apparently was bought but at what cost, we sold our hearts, and become numb slave-like robots, hard work no longer pays, are we approaching the end of days, why don't we heed the warning, of man made problems like debt and global warming, are we that naive or plain stupid, homos haven't destroyed the sanctity of marriage or killed cupid, shouldn't we all have the natural right to love, when is enough enough, please before it's too late, we need to make our fate great, the power is within us, we just must find the courage and guts, what sort of legacy do ya'll want to leave, are we that gullibly easy to deceive, looking back on the past what do u see, do one small deed and plant a seed, nourish it and watch it grow, after all we really ought to know, as the infamous saying goes, we only reap what we sow!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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