Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pragmatic Realist Vs. The Evilest Elitist

When it comes to work I'm either floored, or straight up bored, no real in between, why are bosses so mean, do we really need a job at all, the rise of robots will be humanity's fall, is it just paranoid intuition, Terminator 2 will come to fruition, will technology turn against us, can one be built that actually loves, AI is fascinatingly scary, ya'll say ur listening but do u hear me, look at the warning signs, I feel like we're mourning minds, no longer taught to think, common sense seems almost extinct, business ethics has no heart, it doesn't pay to be scholastically smart, I don't find it funny, how education is more about making money, rather than preparing and training, the fair and equal distribution of wealth is waning, it's only in the hands of a few, no one person should have more than a billion dollars should be the law/rule, aren't u confused too, tired of this perpetual rude abuse, fools and tools to use, the truth is a ruse, walk a mile in my shoes, to understand how I'm screwed, being both gay and white, makes it improbable to be a successful hip hop star which ain't right, I'm willing to fight, spread positivity and light, instead of that whack rap crap shat, I have the natural ability talent and knack, for rhythm and poetry, I wonder if that acronym was created knowingly, or if it's a simple coincidence, stop persecuting minorities that are innocents, we're all born with original sin, the game of life shouldn't be conditional to win, happiness comes with fulfillment, kicking the can down the line is crippling our children, they're consumed by insurmountable debt, taxes in my opinion are legalized theft, our government's inept, my poor boyfriend hasn't slept, why doesn't anyone give a damn, about the fact that insurance is a scam, digital is killing music, online sites and apps have ruined cupid, the internet's become a dumb numb catalog of fakeness and illusion, how has this administration not been found guilty of collusion, enough is enough, if we don't change we're fucked, running out of luck, most of us are stuck, in the same place we started, perhaps God is retarded, uncompassionate without empathy, most don't contemplate the deep things like purpose nor legacy, I've been given this self motivational drive, to not just simply be alive but to thrive, constantly wearing a smile, it's hard to ignore the hateful bile, or the venom spewed, I think it's time for corporations to lose, I want socialism, Earth is a total prison, or maybe just our bodies are, imagine a world with only public transit no cars, perhaps we're too spoiled, this industrial revolutionary machine isn't well oiled, it's outdated and obsolete, don't pander to a cowards need, let's go back to the days presidents were the generals leading the battles in wars, politicians are lying cheating whores, can't we learn from history instead of repeating it cyclically, my perception's jaded cynically, from consistent failure, I can't put my hope and faith into a second coming of Jesus our savior, I don't believe in exaggerated tall tales, any and all happily-ever-after fables, cuz I'm a pragmatic realist, elitists are the evilest, I'd rather live humble and modest to be honest, watch out Trump's a very good con artist, paving the road to destruction, like a wall's gonna do something, I can't believe this is happening, this is not a joke nobody should be laughing, ya'll should be scared, crying tears of fear, the beginning of the end is near, if it's not already here.

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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