Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Let's Assess This Where Success Is

I need to change my ways, having lots of trouble these days, my anxiety is always thru the roof, the next level seems to be aloof, no matter what I try, I can't crossover to the other side, to where success is, let's collectively assess this, I double majored and got a BA in college, got years of work experience common sense and street knowledge, I'm very well traveled, but my goal's future's becoming unraveled, how do I make it as an emcee/rapper, I wanna celebrate be happy and find laughter, lately I've been consumed by gloom and doom, maybe it's time to take shrooms, trip and live a little, am I the grape skittle, u know the one no one likes, why is our relationship defined by fights, it's like my life ghosted me, I'm a late bloomer while ya'll progress precociously, and boy am I stubborn, or a punishment glutton, constantly reimagining anecdotes, trying to provide inspiration insight truth love and hope, cuz everything appears dark and dreary, people are hanging on by a thread barely, it's quite scary, and I consider myself a brave radical fairy, my partner must learn to share me, this light shouldn't be dimmed, let's start over and rebegin, I know I can do much better, let's write each other more love letters, I want to make u feel special, cuz ur super sexy and insanely incredible, but now somehow I've neglected myself, I seriously need help, therapy and meds aren't enough, what if we're perpetually cursed with bad luck, there's a limit to how much shit a person can take, I guess we can all be fake, everything in moderation right, do u think it's impossible to do hip hop if ur gay and white, is there some kind of unspoken rule I never knew, it's 2018 I figured there'd already at least be a few, #metoo, why do minorities lose, women of course as the majority are the exception, what if existence is inception, how do we know if we're in the matrix or real and awake, one inexplicable question I can't shake, what came first the egg or the chicken, do u ever wish u could give God a good ass kicking, I'm not trying to be funny, why do we repeatedly sacrifice happiness for money, thinking we can buy it, who came up with the idea to deep fry shit, there are so many magnificent anomalies and divine wonders, humanity's original sin creates thunderous blunders, just look at global warming, imagine if oil came with a warning, produces smog which kills the ozone and mother nature, technological inventions are supposed to make us more efficient and society greater, not used for evil, every single person alive should be treated regal, with a certain decency and respect, technically we're all cops and it's our job to serve and protect, remember it takes a village, don't rape kill loot or pillage, but patience is the ultimate virtue, be careful tho cuz karma will still come back around and hurt u!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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