Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Topsy Turvy Journey Thru The Rubble & Bubble Trouble

Now all I want is revenge, keep wondering where the time went, seems pretty wasted, did u enjoy my blood u tasted, won't be satisfied til everyone's believing, we're close to being even, unfortunately that'll never happen, unless I take uncharacteristic action, I don't like evil people, at least be real, u shady lady, basically u used and raped me, metaphorically speaking of course, I want an occupational divorce, still stuck on the bottom rung of this socioeconomic ladder, like honestly I don't really matter, I'm just a temporary slave, desperate and depraved, self made too, a big brave fool, easily manipulated and super gullible, my financial future is severely in trouble, my bank account's been reduced to rubble, the Rhode Island mentality is trapped in a bubble, totally short sighted lacking empathy, is this my fate/destiny, I try to hold onto the hope of a brighter tomorrow morning, but faith should come with a warning, u just can't have it blindly, why don't the rich treat strangers kindly, I refuse to let the laws of man confine me, the road of life is hilly and windy, a long journey to learn me, at moments I'm all topsy turvy, often discombobulated chaotic and disjointed, I find the universe to be frustrating irritating and annoying, karma doesn't make any sense, I'm so stressed out and tense, that I'm misdirecting my anger, an independent party president would be a game changer, that's why I was for Bernie, our government's foundation is no longer stable nor sturdy, the checks and balances are gone, Trump is simply all wrong, bye bye Miss American Pie music died long ago but we still mourn, I'm stumped on how to get radio to play my song, the system is rigged, just cuz ur alive doesn't mean uve lived, we're working our souls away, robots don't know how to pray, since they don't have a heart or original thought, sorry to say happiness and fulfillment can't be bought, success can't be taught, homosexuality isn't a disease to be caught, demise isn't entertainment for our eyes to watch, enjoy a blunt during sunrise or sunset on the front porch, nature is miraculous not fodder, fuck money let's barter, realign our moral compass, look at the bigger picture and the circumference, ur world views shouldn't be so narrow, why are humans this superficial and shallow, what happened to intellect and depth, we as a species are extremely inept, more damaging than Aids and cancer, I wish I had the answer, it's impossibly hard to make a difference being just one man, nobody said existence is fair while God laughs at us when we plan!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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