Thursday, January 25, 2018

Kink Medication/Fetish Meditation

Am I bipolar or just ur average Gemini, it would certainly explain to them why, I go from hot to cold in an instant, when I'm having mental health issues I'm introverted and distant, I'm in my own world, overthinking and analyzing everything I've gone thru and hurdled, to try and inspire myself, sometimes we all need help, to reduce stress, gotta figure out what works for u best, for some it's blazing drinking psych meds or smoking cigs, others use exercise meditation kink or counseling to manage the way they live, it's easy to get overwhelmed and breakdown, especially surrounded by ignorant spoiled flaky fake clowns, people pretending they're happy, manipulating using illusion's crappy, just be straightforward and genuine, what happened to chivalrous gentlemen, they're few and far between, but a gay boy can dream, being swept off my feet by homo prince charming, who's maybe a domesticated handy crafty talented caretaker that likes cooking naked with a harness on and organic farming, recycling doubled up socks for days, loves to play with rope sleepsacks and/or duct tape, pretty masculine rugged sweaty and stinky, knows how to control me when I'm insatiably piggy and finicky, ever been so horny as hell, been tied up inescapably in a cell, so u can't touch ur rock hard cock, but the precum and throbbing won't stop, ur squirming like crazy, ur brains all clouded foggy and hazy, and ur ready to orgasmically explode, give a second third fourth fifth sixth and seventh loads a go, milk me dry like a human cow, add a gag if I start to get too loud, drive me wild using my connected sensitive nips, not into hardcore pain tho like clamps or whips, I love erotic tickling and overstimulating sensual touch, in any bdsm session the subs need and abundance of trust, safety first, where to put the burst squirts, too much pleasure actually hurts worse, can be hot to cut or tear off underwear and shirts, just as long as everyone's comfy and has fun, shouldn't ever be shamed or shunned, cuz u know what ur into and like, that ain't right, to each their own, as long as all parties consent and are legally grown, I get that certain fetishes are more taboo, shit happens tho and there's often snafus, but what's important to remember, every student had a mentor, scenes get better thru study and practice, how else do u think I got so good at this?

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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