Monday, January 29, 2018

Sorry Haters But Failure's Not In My Nature

I know sometimes I provide tmi, like I still get occasionally high, nothing's off limits, I'm not a disingenuous gimmick, I've got real talent, I'm mostly humble modest and valiant, an old school gentleman, I'm not afraid of my scars or skeletons, mine may be freaky but hot as hell, don't believe the gossip or rumors haters tell, but I really don't mind, I've got nothing to hide, a lil embarrassment and humiliation never hurt anyone, as long as it was all in good fun, there's a fine line, always treat everyone kind, cuz u don't know what they're going thru, yes u can walk a mile in someone else's shoes, but not their skin, how did we let evil win, guess they only had to once, hopefully we can survive the Drumpf, he gave our democracy a lobotomy, victims of misogyny sodomy, we need to be cleaned out colonically, what happened to rational common sense that's also logical, this isn't comical, it's treasonous and methodical, well thought out, a revolutionary bout is not allowed, we need their permission to protest picket and rally, I think I was happier and more fulfilled living in Cali, esp in San Diego, I felt en fuego, but in San Fran, I explored the gay college like magnetic mecca that made me into who I truly am, I'm not a fake facade/scam, I'm thankful to the fans, my music's more moving emotionally thought provoking than dance, take a chance, and have a listen, break that brain out of it's prison, be conscious, get rid of the obnoxious ignorant and toxic, let love's light shine bright, fight with ur whole soul's might, to do what u know in ur heart is right, don't be jaded by the awful atrocity and plight, humans have free will but very lil control, keep striving reaching and believing in achieving wishes dreams and goals, can't be perfect but should do our best, life isn't like the board game but it is a metaphorical test, there may be no prize, just a pointless exercise, to see ur level of patience and skills, existence is an expensive adventurous journey of risk taking leaps of faith and cheap thrills, cuz the best things and life are free, so fuck money and greed, don't judge me for smoking a lil weed, I'll do as I see fit and please, I'm not harming anyone, I don't even know how to buy knives sighs swords bombs or guns, it's not in my nature, I refuse to be abused regretful depressed or defeated by failure, people are fallible creatures, so caught up in materialistic possessions and superficial features, we need to search existentially deep inside, in order to identify rectify heal mend move on elevate and rise, we're defined by how we adapt to change, praying appears ineffective and strange, cuz unfortunately most of the problems we face are consequences man made, and perhaps maybe this time around we won't be saved!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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