Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Thought Provoking Lyrics Invoking Those Old Toking Spirits

Don't wanna lose another day because of snow, I still have bills to pay u know, and with back to back short weeks, my bank account is facing defeat, I've been managing to hold on barely, but life like my finances seems dreary, I'm managing to keep a brave face, wish I won the lottery so my debt could be erased, and I could even help others, especially my amazing sexy lover, would also pursue music more, the universe appears abusive at its core, call it karma luck or God, why is existence so damn hard, I'm diligent and driven when working, perhaps my passion and ambition need curbing, since many think I'm too intense and deep, but it should actually increase what I reap, instead of being a detriment, isn't everybody striving for betterment, or am I just the naive fool, used as a stepping stone/doormat-like tool, sick of being passed over, why do I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, too much empathy, at least it's not envy or jealousy, and that's not false modesty, I believe in humble honesty, confident not cocky, with so much stubbornness it's improbable to stop me, I'm a force of nature to be reckoned with, fortune and fame aren't a beckoned gift, I've earned them like respect, pay attention to the politicians we elect, cuz they're ruining our nation, our democracy's spewing discrimination, when it's supposed to be all inclusive, government's getting extremely intrusive, especially with women's gays and civil rights, we must resist and fight, don't wanna be defined by bigotry, maybe equality is unrealistic but what about some symmetry, there should be justice fairness and balance, artists must be paid for they're skills and talents, listen for messages in their lyrics, I've tried invoking Pac Biggie Guru Easy E Nate Dogg Big Pun and Prodigy's spirits, all the epic greats, dreaming to be on that list is my fate, I want a classic long lasting legacy, wouldn't turn down a Las Vegas residency, cuz I'm entertaining and thought provoking, most these modern rappers are gimmicky soul bought and hoaxing, ain't got nothing on ghetto gangsters toking, as long as they weren't ghost wroten, so what if I'm making up words, who does it really hurt, swears are worse, is hip hop cursed, always trying to replicate the old school mentality, but apparently we're failing falling victim like casualties, unopen to growth, remember how Obama spoke hope, but everthing's become regurgitated commercial crap garbage, discarded carcass or porridge garnished and varnished with carnage, which doesn't harness or pay homage to the departed's acknowledged yardage, and targets the retarded held hostage in social bondage from a mental existential blockage, instead of trying to harvest the intellectual or college markets along with those wise hearted and the smartest!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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