Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Rose That Chose To Grow From Snow

Lead by example not lecture, watch out cuz karma's gonna get ya, after all we get what we give, ur not God so don't judge the way I live, worry about urself, I'm here if I can help, but I'm learning, to focus more on working, even music and poetry is just a hobby, the womb is really hell's lobby, are we fallen angels, perception's different depending on the angles, what happens after death, will I remember regrets, for the next time, there may be reincarnation but no rewind, or is it simply black, for a male I have a decent rack, always getting complimented on my chest, I try to give my all and do my best, that's all anyone can ask, I refuse to wear all the different masks, I've got one face not two, tho that's what Geminis do, see both sides, they're insightful and wise, balancing the extremes, do u ever find urself wondering what it all means, what's life's purpose, why does the universe keep hurting us, or is it self inflicted, I don't like the way gays are depicted, so one dimensional, ur discrimination is intentional, we don't need more hate, the human race could be great, but we implode before we grow, global warming is not a hoax or a joke, we are the biggest contributors, I wanna be a marijuana distributor, or what's called a bud tender, when I think about the amount of money one must render, to just survive, I feel like I don't jive, perhaps I was born in the wrong era, have u ever written urself a letter, I find it helps during reflection, hindsight works for future protection, but there's no such thing as perfection, I wonder who'll be running in the next presidential election, still gotta get thru these midterms, maybe it's the kids turn, let them lead and take control, Bette sings "far beneath the bitter snow", "lies a seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes a rose", funny to think our personalities are based on the birth month we chose, it's been said we pick our parents, I don't believe in jealousy nor arrogance, cuz I'm grateful appreciative and blessed, this journey is filled with trial and error and a lot of hypothesized guess, we're bound to fail and fall, scale those boundaries and walls, breakdown barriers and blocks, don't ever give up or stop, especially on ur dreams, who says u have to be part of a team, I don't need another man to complete me, wish evil would retreat please, they may have won the battle but never the war, someday I hope to take the next step and be an opening act for a major artist on tour!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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