Friday, August 10, 2018

Having Talent & Skills Doesn't Pay The Bills

Ya'll may scoff and laugh at this, but fuck hope it's way too passive, it gives permission to let someone else do all the work, and creates lazy victimized jerks, who never take action, do u really think another Holocaust can't happen, the divide is growing, evil's face is showing, at least we now know the truth, guess we inherently lean to certain groups, we all want to fit in, win and be thin, but at what cost, when we all are the same individuality gets lost, I like being different and unique, I'm 36 and I've yet to begin let alone piqued, my whole life is ahead, I'll quit when I'm dead, cuz it won't be a choice, it took me a long time to find my voice, first I discovered who I was, had to be brave dig deep testing my balls and guts, it isn't easy following ur own path, we've abandoned our moral compass and lack tact, gone are the days of chivalry and empathy, corporations aren't people they're an entity, we need to get money out of our elections, our government exists for protection, and is supposed to be a public service, nobody is worthless, our vote matters in democracy, I can't stand republican hypocrisy, liberals are far from prefect too, checks and balances are the proverbial glue, keeping ourselves in check, is this Congress' best, cuz it's rather quite pathetic, pay attention to ur rhetoric, yes words hurt, it's ok to curse, as long as it's not unnecessarily excessive, my lyrical content is pretty eclectic sometimes eccentric but always thought provokingly impressive, u just have to listen carefully, I write magically/miraculously, I simply do, unfiltered and uncensored too, let if flow stream of consciousness style, this crazy obnoxiousness is wild, where are the revolutionary artists, it's hardest selling urself when ur naturally genuine humble and modest, where's my Suge Tommy Puffy or Clive, how did the late bloomers like me manage to survive, all those years unnoticed, having to applaud mediocre or straight up atrocious, the spirit of Pac evokes us, cuz we're both Geminis, when did avid hip hop fans become desensitized, rappers were activists, Eminem is sick with his rhyme schemes and adjectives, I know I come of arrogant cocky pompous and pious, and obviously I'm biased, but I've got mad poetry and song writing talent and skills, even tho my performances videos and sales don't pay the bills, I know I still have purpose and value, I work a day job cuz I have to, I'm not rich nor famous, and I'm starting to get incredibly anxious, cuz I deserve a turn, I've fallen been beaten and burned, but every single time I got up healed tried again and learned!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

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