Friday, August 16, 2019

What We Need

What happened to social grace 
Wanting to make the world a better place
Let love replace hate
When we can't understand or relate
We've lost our way
Ying yang stays unblended gray
Ain't no shadows in the shade
Both rejection and redemption shape
My memory may fade
But not the music made
In order to succeed and be great
Gotta believe it's ok to make mistakes
Since the heart bleeds it doesn't break
We need to be brave...keep our hope and faith

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Been Keeping To Myself

I've been so sad my smile radiates, trying to overcompensate for the whole globe's hate, underneath theres nothing but love, I think everyone questions whether they're good enough, been keeping to myself, going on a musical adventure helped, mainly to confuse me, the universe can curse abusively, I'm becoming bitter and jaded, thicker and underrated, the truth used to be sacred, seems the idea of the greater good's outdated, just like soul music, we've become so numb we got used to it, should've appreciated him more while alive, our parents are experienced and wise, but ultimately people too, dont let evil rule u, darkness never wins forever, working together makes the collective better, they say it takes a village, my hope and faith have been raped and pillaged, it's exhausting exuding empathy, I can't calm the pressure of leaving a long lasting epic legacy, it's all simply overwhelming, I wish my life had deep meaning and was compelling, I wanna know I'm gonna be ok, doubt seeps in and I awake afraid, is it too late, lord give me the patience to wait, time isn't the enemy, my family have been my best friends to me, where did all those hours and days go tho, reaped what I didn't sow, momentary defeat, jealous of the ultra elite, part of the have nots, my only love is dippin dots, and I'm rather quite ashamed, unique but the same, hoping that one day, we won't have to come out as gay or throw a parade!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Game Won

This is the first poem I wrote in the new year, I'm hoping it's as powerful as a care bear stare, just full of love, how about a lyrical hug, to help ya'll feel a lil bit better, it's tough to stay motivated during winter weather, I need some inspiration and hope, to prevent getting to the end of our rope, we gotta somehow change our trajectory/course, figure out a way to tap into the source, reach down deep within ur soul, to achieve a fulfilling goal, ask urself what's the purpose, attack and conquer ur fears don't be nervous, challenge urself to phoenixly rise, ride the roller coaster waves of both lows and highs, rock bottom's the antithesis of ur peak, humble and modest doesn't mean meek, vulnerability doesn't equate weak, embrace failure and defeat, cuz it makes u stronger, keep holding on longer, simply because there's no other choice, it took me years to find my true voice, now I try to make a difference, instead of being judgmental I like to give a for instance, sharing my stories and perception, already seems like we've forgotten the harmful issues from the last election, ya'll don't seem to pay attention, why do the rich keep getting exemptions, the poor are desperate for some protection, humanity is worse than a viral infection, u can have platonic relationships that include intimacy and affection, it's not all about sex, art is a good way to express stress, and see how crazy I can be, depression isn't easy to see, often hides behind the brightest smile, truth and virtue's been defiled, righteousness became bastardized, the news portrayed as fake and blatant lies, our world's been turned upside down and reversed, everything seems so backwards, evil reigns, managed to cancel out all our progress/gains, erasing Obama's legacy, is sheer racist jealousy, if things don't change soon, I hate to be pessimistic but it appears we're doomed, but I'm ok with destruction and ruin, that means reconstruction and reformation is brewing, have a lil faith, believe it'll work out ok, rainbows only occur after the rain, wish in business they'd use some heart too not just the brain, we've lost common sense, u should never refer to the best in past tense, cuz it's yet to come, remember that life isn't a game to be won!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Friday, December 7, 2018

Is Ur Intent Justice Or Revenge

Ask urself what is ur intent, justice or revenge, acting superior trying to even the score, there's no competition who is discriminated and oppressed more, ur missing the point, this excessive political correctness got me annoyed, I'm frustrated by people preaching white privilege's historical guilt and shame, truth and equality are not a game, I am not comparing, simply life experience sharing, how dare u say I'm wrong, where do ya'll think I get the content of my poetry or songs, u don't know my whole journey, I forgive but won't forget those who've burned me, attacking my reputation and character, does wisdom equate masters, so many misnomers and presumption, these bullies have tremendous gall and gumption, attacking completely innocents, is the end of days really imminent, cuz evil has won and in control, apparently we sold our collective soul, so I'm stuck sinking in this shit ship, I'm not impressed by shticks or gimmicks, be ur authentic self, I try to always genuinely help, open ur hearts and minds, u get so much further being respectful and kind, never just fall in line, nor dim ur shine, and let ur freak flag fly, have hope and faith that everything will be better than just fine, don't let fear rule u, like fools do, scratch every itch, being courageous and fierce doesn't make u a bitch, be careful ur fire doesn't extinguish, consent must always be relinquished, try ur best, most of existence is trial and error or plain guess, we need to actually listen, avoid debt aka financial prison, have compassion and empathy, be epic and legendary, we're all only one special and unique, I'm at age 36 and still think I haven't piqued, gotta keep at it trying, shouldn't waste time worrying whining and crying, u can't change people, why isn't marijuana fully legal, wish I had a bigger social circle, and there weren't all these impossible obstacles to hurdle, when did it all get so complicated, we must be chipped and inoculated, like our privacy and bodies don't belong to us, a key element missing between me and my government is trust, I've simply had quite enough, I wish our president would learn to lead with love!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Can Only The Straight Black Rap

Some say don't rap, unless ur straight or black, who says so tho, do the best u know bro, fuck other people's opinions, they don't know a thing about hyperbole alliteration or synonyms, I'm a grammar Nazi, with this vocabulary who's gonna stop me, I'm intelligent witty and original, keeping the swearing to a minimal, but my content is still consciously racy, I give zero fucks if ya'll hate me, religious extremism can't even save me, lately stability's been shaky, we touch upon the truth vaguely, tip toeing around, almost terrified of being profound, trying to bring levels up not down, my smile's become a frown, cuz I'm still super sad, about the passing of my dad, my new guardian angel, is our collective fate all entangled, sinking in the same ship, attending college doesn't mean ur fully equipped, life is fragile and complicated, I feel tremendous pressure that stress seems almost obligated, helping us rise to the occasion, welcoming compromise would be amazing, I'm tired of only sacrifice, a lack of success will not suffice, I've paid my dues, are God and Jesus a ruse, I'm confused, am I destined to be used and abused, how many times must I lose, experience the boos from my shoes, u get up on stage, totally fearless and unafraid, performing a poem or song u wrote, go consistently to ur bill paying day job yet still hold hope, somehow manage to keep the faith, how long can u wait, as u contemplate if living is in vain, fulfilling my passion is not a game, it's my purpose, we gain more wisdom from stuff that hurts us, but what I have learned is no good deed goes unpunished, I wish the amount of times karma bit me in the butt was oneish, u def get what u give, is the Illuminati a myth, perhaps we'll never finid out, how does one claim clout, I use my voice loud and proud, fuck all ya'll who say that in hip hop no gays or whites allowed!

Peace and 1
Joe Conscious

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Ignore The Judgmental Criticisms & Opinions Of Minions

What if this is the best life has to offer, really wish success was softer, nobody ever said it was easy, but why are people so sleazy, the rich are still greedy, and won't help the needy, the only way we'll make it is together, New Englanders complain too much about the weather, u should already know there are four seasons, I'm starting to think we'll never get answers or reasons, even in death, do u think everyone has regrets, I think there's so much better yet to come, only u decide when ur done, don't let others dictate, whether ur a failure or great, it's all about self worth, u grow more from hurt, what's important is u try, u don't have to justify why, follow ur gut and heart, we can't forever stay young like Peter Pan or Bart, we all age, it's tough to navigate this maze, it's very imperative, u don't misinterpret my observations as negative, I'm being genuine and pragmatic, don't enable or practice the bad habit, of reacting without thinking, time moves forward even while blinking, everything can change in an instant, what happened to the cigarette brand Winston, not that I really care, just smoking pot I don't have the same fear, not that there's no consequence, the medical and science industry are both on the fence, it shouldn't be category one, make sure to take vitamin D if there isn't any sun, otherwise get ready for seasonal depression, I like to keep peeps guessing, and on their toes, I hate the phrase "hey Joe what do u know", my answer is everything, I feel joyous and merry when I rap and sing, but funny enough I'm not a big dancer, I'm gay but not a prancer, in a league of my own, not very anxious to buy a home, unless I was staying put for at least ten years, I think I have 1000 Sirius XM shares, I haven't ever touched, I don't believe I have winning the lottery type of luck, but I truly have faith at least one of my songs will eventually go viral, this country is headed in a major downhill spiral, I'm sure this poem is not cohesive, eh fluidity who needs it, laugh out loud, I try not to use harsh words to bout, cuz they too can do damage, hurt feelings won't just vanish, healing happens eventually, stay strong mentally, never let others crush ur spirit, I know u say u listened but did u hear it, the passion and the pain, no 2 people even twins are the same, embrace ur uniqueness, be hopeful and don't dwell on the bleakness, usually it'll all be ok, everyone moves at their own pace, ur never too old, to have dreams and goals, lead by example, shouldn't let hate trample, love does conquer all, u can get back up if u fall, just keep ur head up, u don't need to have wings to fly high with the doves, let ur mind go blind or divine to soar, simply living u learn more, not all kids need to go to college, I mean haven't we learned there's a difference between wisdom and knowledge, some things can't be taught, I despise trying to be bought, friends aren't automatically fans, stop comparing urself to others and meet ur own demands, ignore jealous haters with their judgmental criticisms and opinions, would u rather be king or one of their many minions?!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Laterz Haters

They say the law of nature is survival of the fittest, now-a-days it seems more like thrival or Snoop style thrivival of the richest, it's impossible to get ahead, gonna be in debt even after I'm dead, unless my music blows up, I'm all about truth consciousness and love, there's enough negativity doom gloom and evil, who's the revolutionary leader who'll reign in all these sheeple, we've gotten outta control and outta hand, I know I'm only one man, but isn't that all it takes, I can't endure anymore funerals or wakes, especially great legends, Christmas for me has nothing to do with presents, it's about family, even tho this time of year is stressful insanity, I find the simple joys, ur never too old to play with toys, u know guys and their gadgets, I attract lost souls like a magnet, but I'm ok with that, I have faith the universe has my back, no good deed goes unpunished, randomly craving some hummus, specifically the garlic one, even tho my breath will get me shunned, I don't care, I have bigger fears, like never making it as a successful artist, I wanna work the smartest not the hardest, so slow and steady, when my 15 minutes comes I'll be prepared and ready, I try to keep my raw talent cultivated, like exercise it's not easy becoming motivated, hoping eventually it'll all pay off, I'm sure many will laugh and scoff, they say uve made it when u have haters, now I have no problem just peace signing "laterz", I'm out, tired of the same ole bout, I need to go on an adventure, perhaps even collaborate or mentor, helping others help ourselves, don't define urself by a lack of wealth, most of us are in the same boat, I'm surprised they haven't surrounded the White House with a moat, don't gloat, be cautious of the words u spoke, try not to burn bridges, don't discriminate against women blacks gays or midgets, we need to more accepting, even the poor need protecting, our government should do better at infrastructure investments, instead of letting fall by the waistline, facts aren't usually heard thru the grapevine, that's just rumor and gossip, wish people would use more common sense reason and logic, which reminds me to make an apology, as a rapper I like practicing and creating new words that add to my phraseology, do u have a thesaurus handy, I prefer any flavor ice cream over candy, it's simply a preference, most don't get my sarcasm or my obscure movie reference, my wit goes over their heads, thank God I'm off all psychiatric meds, my mind is clear, sometimes my poetry isn't written to share, but I always still post, I don't need to be the best or have the most, I like being an average Joe, with a killer rap flow, which as a gay white boy makes me unique, I proudly wear and wave my flag labeling me a freak, and like to think I have yet to pique, apparently I'm alluring cuz of my mystique, keeping peeps guessing, while always analyzing and wrestling with life's never-ending lessons, it's impossible to understand how failure and mistakes can be disguised blessings, if existence is a fated tossed salad then the only thing in our control is what type of dressing!

Peace and 1,
Joe Conscious